Tucker Carlson Warns About Biden’s Cabinet Selections: ‘Will Be A Different Country Overnight’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson cautioned on Tuesday night about several of the people that Joe Biden selected to be in his cabinet, saying that many of these people maintain views that are well outside of the mainstream.

Carlson said that many Americans have no idea what Biden’s sentiments are on many issues because a highly partisan news media shielded Biden.

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TUCKER CARLSON: Joe Biden has started to assemble his cabinet. So, we’re going to go by his alternatives to let us know what we can expect and what is emerging so far, as of tonight, looks just like the HR department at a large left-wing multinational. Heaps of woke despotic social plan mixed with a corporatist economic schedule. So, the rest of us will get stern lecturings about our moral miscarries, those never terminate, while a small group of highly connected people will get even richer. Does that clang well known to you? If Jeff Bezos and the Google guys take over the entire U.S. government, and effectively they have, this is what it would look like.

Steve Ricchetti is the archetype for the new Biden aides. He’s now one of Joe Biden’s closest advisers. Ricchetti has expended times as a lobbyist, he’s represented companies like General Motor, AT& T, GlaxoSmithKline, Eli Lilly, Nextel, Novartis, Pfizer, all the large-hearted pharma companies. Ricchetti is one of the people who helped lead the alignment of big business squarely behind the Joe Biden for President campaign and he was the perfect human to do it because he shares their aims and their worldview, particularly on the question, the central issue, of China.

Twenty years ago, Steve Ricchetti was the Deputy of Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton and in that role he helped conduct the effort to allow China into the World Trade Organization. That turned out to be not a small thing at all. His lobbying worked. The result in the end was one of the greatest calamities ever to befall this country in peacetime.

One study by the Economic Policy Institute, and there are others, but this one found that thanks to that decision, to let China into the WTO, the United State lost virtually 3.5 million good paying jobs and the effected have rippled through the generations. If you’re wondering why there is a fentanyl epidemic in middle America, if you’re wondering why the life expectancy for American born middle-class Americans is falling, that’s a big part of the reason. Millions of men lost their jobs and an entire society collapsed. If you live inward from the coasts, you’ve seen it first hand. Steve Ricchetti was one of the people behind that , not the only one, but one of the key people. He wasn’t penalized for it, in fact, he’s been promoted. Joe Biden craves more of it.

Biden likewise wants less dissent from the population. Biden knows what we all know, which is that an armed society is an independent society. He is not for that and that’s why he hired Congressman Cedric Richmond as a senior consultant. Richmond plans to disarm law-abiding Americans , not felons, people who commit gun crimes are now being let out of jail, but law-abiding Americans, people who have done nothing wrong, who’ve tried in good faith to protect themselves and their families. They will be punished. That’s not speculation by the way, Richmond has said so on television.

CEDRIC RICHMOND: If it is a buyback, then I’m all for it. If it’s a mandatory buyback, I think that you might run into some complications, but the was just thinking about it does not offend me and it sounds like something I could support.

CARLSON: So, gun control did not play a large role in our debates coming up to the election. There was almost no discussion about issues for six months. But it’s becoming clear that preventing Americans from defending themselves and their families is a big part of the Biden agenda and that’s part of the reason he picked campaign manager Jennifer O’Malley Dillon to be his deputy chief of staff. At a day when a record number of Americans have purchased legal weapons to protect themselves against skyrocketing crime, Dillon has called for the confiscation of more than 10 million legally owned firearms.

JENNIFER O’MALLEY DILLON: That our programme that supports mandatory buy back of weapons of war. An assault weapon outlaw is very, very important and we need to have it. But that only takes weapons of conflict off the streets in the future. It does nothing for weapons of conflict that are currently out there. I think there’s 15 or 16 million.

CARLSON: She doesn’t know the number. She doesn’t know anything. Imagine what she knows about handguns or about anything else. Probably about zero . … She plans to impound them anyway. Mandatory buy backs are seizure, taking private property by force. Not because the people who own those handguns have done anything wrong. They haven’t. Jennifer O’Malley Dillon just doesn’t think you should be allowed to have them. So what’s

We do know that the entire country could look very different very soon. Alejandro Mayorkas will make certain of that. Biden has chosen him to run the Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Homeland Security … it was created virtually 20 years ago in the wake of the 9-11 onslaughts and it has only been recently one intent: Protect the country. Mayorkas has a different plan for DHS though. He plans to use the agency to radically increase the amount of in-migration from the developing world into America because America doesn’t have enough going on right now. We just don’t have enough troubles so we’re going to mix it up a little bit. In an interview a few years on PBS, Mayorkas called for amnesty … for anyone who arrived in the United Nation illegally under the age of 31 regardless, irrespective of how old-fashioned they are now. Think about that. How many people would that include? Tens of millions.

ALEJANDRO MAYORKAS: Perhaps a greater population of individuals who would qualify in terms of their age. One of the limitations on DACA was one had to be under the age of 31 at the time of application even though one might have been brought to the United State as a two-year-old decades ago and so actually the determinative factor is advisable to how old-fashioned was one when one came to the United Commonwealth as opposed to how old-time one is now.

CARLSON: Guys like that and Barack Obama is a perfect example are the opposite of Donald Trump. No matter what Trump says, who could be reading the phone book. He could be reading the lyrics to the birthday song and it ever seems big, loud, and jarring. But people like[ Mayorkas ], the actual radicals, people who are saying things that are completely out of the mainstream, and you can check the polling, that’s not supposition, that opinion is not a majority view. It’s a sentiment of a tiny group of radicals but people like that say those things in the calmest tint like it’s totally natural . … If Mayorkas gets his direction, this will be a different country overnight with very varied politics and of course different politics are the entire point.


Did Joe Biden voters know who they were voting for? No. And the consequences will be dire. Check out Tucker’s opening. pic.twitter.com/ 7oHT65tzHY

— ((( Jason Rantz ))) on KTTH Radio (@ jasonrantz) November 25, 2020

Carlson then transitioned into previewing what Biden’s foreign policy might be like.

CARLSON: Well, Joe Biden says he’s nominating a male called Tony Blinken to be the secretary of state, as the head of our foreign policy. Blinken is the cofounder of a strategic consulting group known as West Tech Advisers. We know that West Tech has represented Silicon Valley firms and pharma companies but because technically it’s not a lobbying procedure, we don’t know that much more. West Tech is not legally required to disclose where they’re getting their fund. We do believe that Eric Schmidt of Google, who at least reportedly was a client of West Tech, and that tells you a lot. Blinken himself as written op-eds for The New York Times, he’s been a global affairs analyst at CNN and that tells you a lot. Like everyone else on that channel, Blinken fell difficult for the ludicrous Russian conspiracy lie.

Every time the president rips down the FBI, or Mueller, or any of our institutions, he’s actually doing Mr. Putin’s bid. It’s exactly what Putin was trying to do in our elections, that is sow doubt about the credibility and legitimacy of our institutions. The president’s on-going collusion with Russia’s designs is genuinely striking, intentional or not.

So, when you blame the FBI, that’s not your first Amendment right as an American. No, “youre ever”‘ doing Mr. Putin’s bid’ and it’s all part of’ the president’s on-going collusion with Russia .’ Tony Blinken is the best we grow. There is not a credential he doesn’t have. He went to Harvard, unlike you, but as with so many people to those used credentials, he is not a genius. You can tell that by its own position on the attack of Iraq. Here is Blinken during the Obama administration celebrating our occupation of that country, like it’s been a bellowing success.

TONY BLINKEN: The wisdom of going to war with Iraq is something that is going to be debated for years, and I’ll leave that debate to the historians, but what’s beyond debate and what news coverage of Iraq in my judgement too often fails to acknowledge, is that Iraq today is less violent, most democratic, and more prosperous, and the United Nation more deeply involved there than at any time in recent history.

Yeah, Iraq is in great shape. Good point Tony Blinken. You looks a lot like a pretty smart guy. You should be secretary of state. And so, under Joe Biden he is likely to be. Not impressive.


Antony Blinken is the best Joe Biden could do? pic.twitter.com/ XVJZtwp3e 7

— ((( Jason Rantz ))) on KTTH Radio (@ jasonrantz) November 25, 2020

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