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Man Who Predicted End Of The World Four Times Says 2019 Will Finally Be It For Humanity

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Right people, I’m sorry to have to break the news to you so early on in its first year when anticipations are high and we’re still sticking to our resolutions, but 2019 will be our last year on Earth.

Well, that’s according to some man who’s already predicted the end of the world four times before- and clear got them wrong each time. So perhaps take what he’s saying with a pinch of salt.

David Montaigne, an author and controversial prophecy intellectual, has predicted December 2019 will finally mark the end of the world as we know it.

In fact, he’s so convinced by this, he’s actually written a volume, End Times and 2019: The Objective of the Mayan Calendar and the Countdown to Judgment Day, in which he presents the’ facts’ which he says suggest we’re in our final year.

The author claims a particular alignment of the stars described by biblical writers and the Mayan calendar markers Judgement Day, which will all come to a chief on December 28 this year.

In other words, we’ve got less than 12 months to get our things in order so we’d better get moving.

Author David MontaigneDavid Montaigne/ Twitter

The author contends on his website 😛 TAGEND

On December 21, 2019, survivors will suffer the first day of a pole change- when the entire surface of countries around the world will alter out of statu and move over the more liquid strata beneath the crust.

Over the next few periods this will induce earthquakes and tidal waves and volcanic activity which will almost completely destroy what is left of our civilization. There is a mountain of evidence in historical, geological, and biological evidences testifying such pole switches have happened before.

Even the Bible describes them repeatedly. I think that we will suffer another pole change for the week following December 21, 2019, getting worse every day until the natural disasters culminate on December 28 — Judgment Day.

Well, if we were to believe anything he’s saying then I’d be telling you to go home, make a container roster, and tick everything off within the next 12 months.

Always wanted to do a skydive? Move on then, might as well. What about learning to speak a foreign speech? The world’s intention soon so what’s stopping you? Always fancied becoming a millionaire? I intend, that one might be somewhat trickier to achieve in such a short time-frame, but you might as well try.

The good report is though, Montaigne has been catastrophically incorrect about these things in the past so we probably don’t have to take what he’s saying as gospel.

sea and town at nightPixabay

In particular, the author predicted- in his journal Antichrist 2016 -2 019: Whodunit Babylon, Barack Obama& the Islamic Caliphate- the anti-Christ would come to Earth on June 6, 2016.

Not merely that, but the biblical figure would apparently arise in the United States, perhaps through the body of then-US President, Barack Obama.

Obviously, that didn’t happen either and Obama is still standing, so I’m not going to take his latest claims too seriously. #SorryNotSorry

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