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Why DJ Townsel Left The Football Field for a Yoga Studio

After leaving professional football, Townsel found a brand-new purpose sharing yoga with communities in need. Derrick “DJ” Townsel Memorizing plays, constant body slamming, contract spats, minimal job security, daily practices–this is the side of professional athletics that the general public doesn’t often discover. As a five-year-old growing up in the …

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13 Little-Known Facts That Can Save Your Life One Day

Many injuries and even fatalities could have been avoided if people had known how to behave accurately in critical situations. Sometimes, knowing a simple fact can increase your chances for survival or help save someone’s life. A Reddit user questioned this issue, “What’s an’ unknown’ fact that could save your …

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10 Cold and Flu Remedies for Infants

Fighting the influenza as an adult is hard but there are plenty of drugs you can take to reduce those harassing symptoms. You can take something for fever, for sore throats and coughings, or to help with congestion. However, regrettably, cold and influenza medications do not exist for babes. While …

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