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The Most Widely Read Blogs of 2018 – And What It Means For 2019

We wrote a roster of the ten most widely read blogs of the first nine months of 2018 back in October, and promised at that time we were able to update the list for the full time. That is what you see here.

It is noteworthy that there is still several blog posts in the last quarter of 2018 that provoked much interest, and moved into the top 10( in particular the clause that demonstrated the most widely read of its first year ).

Here is the complete Top 10 for the year šŸ˜› TAGEND

SAP- Qualtrics- What Were They Envisaging ?– Simon Chadwick Grit Sneak Peak: Approval of the Top 20 Research Methods– Ray Poynter When Big Brands Take Social Postures: An In-Depth Analysis of Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Ad– Sasha Laferte& Dave Carruthers Is MR Ready For GDPR? Nope, and That’s a Big Problem– Lenny Murphy Insights On Demand is Transforming Market Research– Frederic-Charles Petit What Will Happen To MR in 2018 ?– Ray Poynter A Conversation with Eric Salama of Kantar– Larry Friedman The Rise of the Personal Data Economy– Tuomas Syrjanen The Art of Storytelling: Resources for Market Researchers– Zoe Dowling Which Path is GfK Taking?– Sabine Hedewig-Mohr

As noted above, the most important addition to the index is the one that became the top-read post of its first year( and by a wide margin ), Simon Chadwick’s trenchant analysis of the SAP acquisition of Qualtrics for a staggering$ 8 billion. The amount of money involved is unprecedented in service industries, and Simon did a great job investigating whether SAP will ever learn a decent return on its investment.

As we look at the index as a whole, while some of detailed information have changed, the main themes basically remain the same as noted in the earlier analysis šŸ˜› TAGEND

News about global experiment corporations-# 1, 7, 10

While plainly not studies and research corporation, Nike is one of the biggest global brands, and the Kaepernick ad (# 3) evoked widespread interest in the MR community, with several corporations applying it as a platform to show off their latest approaches to experimenting ads.

GRIT findings-# 2, 4, 7 Emerging Methods-# 3, 5, 8, 9 Predictions-# 6

As we mentioned last-place time, these topics indicate that “bigger” theories get most widespread readership- larger recent developments in the industry, what the major challenges are, which methods is less than merely blips on the radar, report that have widespread import. This all makes perfect feel. Blog postings that focus on given topic get a more focused readership.

So, what does this means for 2019? The market research industry is still in the midst of transition, and there is a real starvation out there for analysis of current events and tendencies. You can expect to see articles analyzing occurrences as they happen, from some of the sharpest thinkers in service industries. More interviews with movers and shakers. More of the latest developments in methodology and technology. More revelations from the most recent GRIT findings- the first GRIT Report of the year is being released in mid-January, and we will publish several “sneak peek” clauses before that.

A quote I’m fond of is from Kurt Lewin, the founder of experimental social psychology- “there is nothing as practical as a good theory.” Good hypothesis will provoke good work, something we need as service industries continues to struggle to find its footing in a changing world. Please continue to bring us your latest notions.

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