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Silent Witness star Emilia Fox: ‘I get to smile in this series!’

Emilia Fox, who plays Silent Witness pathologist Nikki Alexander, renders TV Times up a heads-up on what’s in store as the long-running forensic crime drama returns for a 22 nd series…

Silent Witness Emilia Fox 2019Silent Witness Emilia Fox 2019

Silent Witness star Emilia Fox on her rejoice at the return of the crime drama…

TV Hour: Nikki’s been through the mill in Silent Witness! How is she doing in the brand-new serial? Emilia Fox: “The last-place one was such a dark occasion for Nikki, but her relationship with Matt[ her US diplomat boyfriend played by Michael Landes] becomes part of the make-up of her life. We wanted to bring Matt back because he was so popular, and we explore the challenges of a long-distance existing relations two people who are fully committed to their jobs. I get to smile in this serial! ”

Silent Witness

The Silent Witness team are back…

TVT: What examples are Nikki’s team at the Lyell Centre getting involved in? EF: “One of investigations deals with bayonet felony and with the enormous rise in people applying the narcotic Spice. It’s a really horrible narcotic, and we look at what it does and where it leaves people in their own lives, altering their friendships and households. Colin Salmon plays a headteacher in that story.”

TVT: Were there any particularly memorable incidents during filming? EF: “We filmed one extremely smelly scene for purposes of the present serial. We had to sort through “the worlds largest” immense piling of cigarettes butts I have ever seen. If ever there was an advert for not smoking, it was that! ”

TVT: How do you loosen while you are working on the depict? EF: “During filming, David Caves[ who plays Jack] and I were doing workouts together at the gym. I’m following his health regime. You have only to look at the man to verify what great shape he’s in! This demonstrate establishes me aware of how luck we are to have that kind of good health.”

TVT: Has the subjects of Silent Witness altered your expectation? EF: “Silent Witness shapes you think about life and death. It establishes you accept how incredible the human body is- how strong it is in so many courses, and how utterly fragile in others. And how desperately sad it is that life points up on a mortuary slab with someone you don’t know having a look inside you.”

TVT: Does the job of pathologist appeal to you? EF: “I wish I could do something really clever…I would definitely be a doctor if I had my time again. But I don’t have the psyche to do it, I genuinely don’t. The only thing I’ve got is its ability for learning paths! ”

TVT: What do devotees ask you about the testify? EF: “Lots of medical students want to talk to me about Silent Witness. They say:’ We’re examining pathology and we want to get into forensic science ‘, and I merely adoration that! OK, Nikki’s a persona in a fictional series, but if it shapes someone move:’ I feel I might explore that’, then that’s great.”

Silent Witness returns to BBC1 on Tuesday 8 January at 9pm

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