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Bad economic news raises political risks for Trump

President Donald Trump enjoyed a brief stock market bounce after deciding to delay his threatened tariffs on Chinese-made cell phones and toys, but Wednesday’s very bad day for the US stock market stressed the grim economic reality facing the President as he leads for reelection. Read more: cnn.com

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No One Knows Trump’s Next Move

It was a part of the presidency that would come to surprise Bill Clinton, if simply because of its heartrending frequency. Soon after the grease-gun carnage at Columbine High School in the spring of 1999, Clinton flew to Littleton, Colorado, to talk with students, educators, and parents mourning the deaths …

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The Death Rattle of White Supremacy

Will America ultimately confront the violent death rattle of white-hot ascendancy? Or will it fail to inflict the coup de grace, letting the ideology of hate to revive itself into a global motion, with radicalized young men engaged in what they believe is a zero-sum war for survival? Last year, …

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Beto Ties Trump to Shooting…

Beto Ties Trump to Shooting … ( Top headline, 9th story, link) Related stories: BLOODBATH IN TEXAS; 20 KILLED …GUNMAN STARTED SHOOTING, AISLE BY AISLE …PANICKED SHOPPERS FLEE …UPDATES …LIVE …ANOTHER WEEKEND, ANOTHER SLAUGHTER …8th deadliest shooting in U.S. record …2020 candidates back gun limits …Suspect circulated manifesto about ‘Hispanic …

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