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Ignorant Boomer Shares CNN Article Thinking It’s Real

LIMA, OH–Dale Miller, a 57 -year-old uncle of someone, made an embarrassing mistake on Facebook yesterday. According to sources, Dale shared a CNN article under the mistaken impression that CNN is a real news site. The post Ignorant Boomer Shares CNN Article Thinking It’s Real showed first on The Babylon …

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What Will Happen to Us Before 2025?

The 21 st century is the age of rapid technological progress, and we’re advancing at a mind-blowing rate. So what do you think our world will look like by 2025? It’s merely a little bit more than 5 years from now, but by various reports, it’s going to be really …

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The 12 Most Trusted News Sites You Should Bookmark

Fake news is a big issue right now. News companies are in the pockets of mega-billionaires. Media bias, inaccurate reporting, and sensationalism are on everyone’s intellect. We are in an age where we don’t trust the people reporting the news. Despite all this, there are some trustworthy report generators out …

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