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7 things the average American has accomplished by age 35

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By the time they turn 35, many Americans have gotten married, bought a home, and earned a salary of about $50,000.
They’ve also amassed quite a bit of debt by that age, according to the data.
See how you compare to the average 35-year-old American in seven aspects of life. 

The internet was ablaze with indignation after MarketWatch published an article earlier this year saying that the proper amount of savings for a 35-year-old is double their salary.

Those numbers are at odds with reality for many Americans, as plenty of internet commenters made clear.

According to CNBC, the average retirement savings for families between the ages of 32 and 37 was $31,644 in 2013, while the median was just $480 for that age group. (Many families have no retirement savings, bringing down that figure.)

A more attainable benchmark is to have your savings equal your salary by the time you hit 35, according to one expert.

But what about other life goals, like starting a family, buying a home for the first time, or switching careers?

We looked at the data to see what the average American has accomplished by the time they turn 35.

The average 35-year-old in the US is married — the most common age for women to marry is 27, while it’s 29 for men.

Source: US Census Bureau

They also are more likely than not to have a child. The average American woman has her first child by age 28.
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Source: Associated Press

A typical 35-year-old is already a homeowner. The median age for first-time homeowners is 32, according to The New York Times.
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Source: New York Times

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