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The many tech fails of cursed muppet Rudy Giuliani

It’s a tale as old-fashioned as time. A desiccated muppet valiantly fights through tech neglect after tech fail to eventually be anointed as Donald Trump’s cyber czar and, maybe, finally given the opportunity to at becoming a real boy. However, in the Grimm’s Fairy Tale that is Rudy Giuliani’s life, …

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Gina Rodriguez has said N-word before, Twitter discovers

Another video of Actress Gina Rodriguez saying the N-word surfaced on Twitter Wednesday. The last 24 hours have been devoted to dragging the Jane the Virgin star. Black Twitter has long-awaited the downfall of Rodriguez for her anti-Black track record. Now the acknowledgments are here. ” PROOF THAT GINA SAID …

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Chris Hardwick, ‘blindsided’ by Chloe Dykstra’s sexual assault allegations, accuses her of infidelity

Actress and cosplayer Chloe Dykstra made huge waves in the entertainment world Friday when she wrote a post on Medium detailing sexual assault allegations against a former boyfriend. Many believe that ex-boyfriend was Nerdist founder and TV host Chris Hardwick. Late Friday night, Hardwick responded, saying he was “blindsided” by Dykstra’s …

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