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Gina Rodriguez has said N-word before, Twitter discovers


Another video of Actress Gina Rodriguez saying the N-word surfaced on Twitter Wednesday.

The last 24 hours have been devoted to dragging the Jane the Virgin star. Black Twitter has long-awaited the downfall of Rodriguez for her anti-Black track record. Now the acknowledgments are here.

” PROOF THAT GINA SAID THE N-WORD BEFORE I CANT BREATHE ,” Twitter consumer @spideyschelle wrote, together with video evidence.


— ri (@ spideyschelIe) October 16, 2019

What looks like a segmented “comedy” scene, Rodriguez hollers at a Black man to” take a lap, you heard me I said take a lap[ N-word ], take a lap .”

The new video surfaced just one day after Rodriguez faced backlash for singing the N-word in an Instagram story. She has since removed the video of her rapping along with Fugees song” Ready or Not” and posted a short apology video, which devotees are calling disingenuous.

“I’m sorry if I offended anyone by singing along to the Fugees, to a song I adoration, that I grew up on–I love Lauryn Hill–and uhm, I actually am sorry if I offended you, ” Rodriguez said.

“I’m sorry IF I offended anyone”. “By singing along to the Fugees”. This is an example of someone being deliberately obtuse. Gina Rodriguez KNOWS she offended people , not for singing a song but for saying the N-word. If the apologetic is going to be insincere, just keep quiet. https :// t.co/ tCjVenvcTs

— TONI TONE (@ t0nit0ne) October 15, 2019

Gina Rodriguez wins the honor for the most half assed apologetic of 2019 pic.twitter.com/ 9DaHmJm1Q0

— Patrick (@ StLeprechaunPat) October 15, 2019

She then offered up a second apology in proclamation shape. “The word I sang, carries with it a bequest of hurt and pain that I cannot even imagine, ” she wrote. “Whatever consequences I face for my action today , none is even more hurtful than the personal remorse I feel.

Some accused Rodriguez of not making another apology video because she would again comes out insincere.

community of coloring ??? why is gina rodriguez scared of saying the word “Black” ???? this is such a self providing apologetic that middles her agony instead of those that she hurt pic.twitter.com/ cSj8x 6jSsz

— cin (@ thorrbruce) October 16, 2019

Black Twitter has been waiting for the cloak to decline on Rodriguez, as she displayed anti-Black sentiment in the past. In several circumstances, Rodriguez stepped on the Afro-Latinx and Black voice in order to lift the Latinx community. For lesson, she hosted a Latina Power Lunch with America Ferrera for women in Hollywood where merely one Afro-Latina voice was present.

In the comments under the brand-new video, some Twitter consumers say the clip comes from YouTube channel NorthsideComedy. NorthsideComedy did not respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment by publication time.


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