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The many tech fails of cursed muppet Rudy Giuliani

It’s a tale as old-fashioned as time. A desiccated muppet valiantly fights through tech neglect after tech fail to eventually be anointed as Donald Trump’s cyber czar and, maybe, finally given the opportunity to at becoming a real boy.

However, in the Grimm’s Fairy Tale that is Rudy Giuliani’s life, “we il be” sadly deprived of that happy intent. You discover, when it comes to all things technology related, Giuliani was cursed to live out his days as a moron.

We are reminded of this fact today by the somehow unsurprising news that back in 2017, shortly after Trump called him his cybersecurity advisor, Giuliani toddled into an Apple Store to have his iPhone restored to factory settings. Why? Because he entered the incorrect password too many times in a row. Read more …

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