Turkey’s Attempted Military Coup d’Etat against President Erdogan


Contradictory reports are coming in. A faction within Turkey’s military announced that it had seized power against president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The statement accused Erdogan of “eroding the country’s secular traditions”,  Martial law was announced and a curfew was  implemented…

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President Hollande: “We Will Strike Those Who Attack Us”. France to Escalate Strikes in Syria and Iraq In Retribution for Nice Terror Attack


Hollande to extend the state of emergency by another three months. French Prime Minister Francois Hollande said Friday morning local time that he would “strengthen our actions” in Syria and Iraq and extend the state of emergency by another three…

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The Most Important US Air Force Base You’ve Never Heard Of. The Ramstein Air Base in Germany


The overseas hub for America’s “war on terror” is the massive Ramstein Air Base in southwest Germany. Nearly ignored by US media, Ramstein serves crucial functions for drone warfare and much more. It’s the most important Air Force base abroad,…

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Russia’s security service to punish academy graduates after scandalous luxury car parade in Moscow


Preview Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) has promised to penalize its new agents, who celebrated graduation from the agency’s academy by driving through Moscow in a convoy of luxury Mercedes SUVs and caused public outcry after videos of the joyride made it online.
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