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Virginia To Offer Illegal Immigrants Legal Driving Permits Starting Jan. 1

Illegal immigrants can begin applying for legal work permit in Virginia on the first day of the new time, according to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles( DMV ).

The state is the first southern state to allow people staying in the U.S. illegally to apply for such “driver privilege cards.” Roughly 300,000 illegal immigrants in the government are expected to apply for the permits, according to The Washington Post.

The DMV has rolled requirements to qualify for a driver privilege card on its website 😛 TAGEND

You are a non-US citizen who is a resident of Virginia

You have reported income from Virginia sources or are claimed as a is contingent upon a tax return filed in Virginia in the past 12 months

Your driving privilege is not currently suspended or cancelled in Virginia or any other state, to include insurance-related misdemeanours.

“A driver privilege card is not REAL ID-compliant and, as such, may not be used as identification to board a flight or enter a secure federal facility. Driver privilege card applicants are not eligible for a commercial-grade driver’s license or identification card, ” the DMV website says.

According to the website, in order to obtain a driver privilege card, the applicant must pay a $50 fee as well as see 😛 TAGEND

Two evidence of identity

Two proofs of Virginia residency

Proof of your social security number( if you have been issued one) or your individual taxpayer identification number

Tax return documentation

The brand-new permissions are possible under a new statute the Virginia legislature extended earlier this year. Critics of the law say that giving such privileges to illegal immigrants is a threat to public safety and national security.

“Giving any form of driving privileges to illegal aliens is not simply undermines public safety but national security as well, ” Matthew Tragesser, one speaking on behalf of the Federation for American Immigration Reform told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Providing these cards incentivizes more illegal migration, rewards statute breakers, and threatens our national security.”

Advocates for the new law claim almost exactly the opposite, but add that the new law will likewise facilitated economic proliferation by award illegal immigrants’ greater mobility with less risk.

“It makes our families and communities safer: safer from being unfairly caught up in the criminal justice system and eviction pipe for just trying to get to church or a child’s school and safer from being along the road with unlicensed drivers, ” Laura Goren, research head of the Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis, argued in a January report drive driving permits for non-U.S. citizens, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The law may establish let owners more vulnerable to being picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Activists are pushing the state to adopt more stringent protections of illegal immigrants with the permits so mitigates the fortune that ICE locates them and evicts them.

“Of course, there will always be those risks that each person needs to take into account before applying for a motorist privilege card, ” Edgar Aranda-Yanoc, the produce organizer of the immigration advocacy program at the Legal Aid Justice Center, told the Times-Dispatch. “That’s why it’s our goal as activists to secure those privacy protections and totally close the window that could present ICE access to this information in the upcoming General Assembly session.”

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