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Oregon GOP Submits ‘Had Enough? Vote Republican!’ Statement For Official Voter Pamphlets. It Won’t Be Included.

The Oregon secretary of state has rejected the government Republican Party’s effort to include on official voter pamphlets a statement challenging the state’s Democratic leadership because it was allegedly submitted 29 seconds after the Aug. 25 deadline. The statement was named “Had Enough? Vote Republican, ” and contained recent examples …

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Jeff Sessions May Run For Alabama Senate Seat

Reports are surfacing that former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, 72, who served as a senator from Alabama for 20 times, is thinking of running for his Alabama Senate seat in 2020. Sessions must decide by November 8 if he will attempt to run. Discussions was elected Attorney General of Alabama …

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A 20-year-old student journalist broke the news of a key State Department resignation amid the Trump-Ukraine firestorm

Kevin Hurley/ The State Press via Associated Press A 20 -year-old student journalist broke news on Friday that a key State Department official had quitted amid a political firestorm over President Donald Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president. Andrew Howard, a managing editor of The State Press student newspaper, reported …

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