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Jill Biden On Claims Joe Biden Is In Cognitive Decline: ‘Joe Is Anything But That Characterization’

Jill Biden, wife of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, claimed during a Fox News interview on Tuesday that her husband was ” anything but” incompetent as attacks have increased over questions about her husband’s fitness for office.

” One of the things President Trump and his campaign have questioned is your husband’s cognitive abilities ,” host Dana Perino said.

Perino then played a clip of President Donald Trump’s recent interview with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace where Trump said,” Biden can’t set two sentences together .”

” I say he’s not competent to be president ,” Trump continued.” To be president you have to be sharp-witted and tough and so many other things. He doesn’t even come out of his cellar .”

When asked about Trump’s comments, Jill Biden answered, “You know, Joe is anything but that characterization. You know we’ve been campaigning; we’ve been listening to the experts, the scientists, and medical doctors, and they have told us stay home and be safe, and I belief Donald Trump is really about Joe’s age right? I think there’s like two or three years difference.”

The questions about Biden’s fitness for office have been raised by top Democrats and media figures, including Sen. Cory Booker( D-NJ ), Julian Castro, and Joe Rogan.


Jill Biden later claimed without evidence that her husband is not on the political left, saying that he’s” a moderate” despite her husband’s own words that he had been able to” go down as one of the most progressive chairmen in American history .”

“You know, Joe’s a moderate. And that doesn’t mean that his ideas aren’t progressive and bold and forward-thinking, but he’s, he’s not someone who’s left, he’s not someone who’s right, he’s a moderate, and that’s who he’s always been ,” Jill Biden claimed.” You know, I guess Joe has a really strong vision of where he wants to take this country, and he has a strategy and a strategy and whether it’s on climate change or education or their own economies, Joe knows where he is going and what he wants to do.”

In an in-depth profile piece last-place fall, Joe Biden was described as a” firm leftist” despite his attempts to portray himself as a moderate or a centrist.

” Although Biden now presents himself as a moderate, centrist figure, the totality of his political career, overall, suggests that he is a firm leftist ,” The Daily Wire reported.” Biden has dabbled at times in moderation, including previous support for tough-on-crime legislation and his longstanding stance that he is’ personally pro-life’ despite his support of legalized abortion. However, he has long been a progressive on legal question, economic issues, and foreign policy issues, and even preempted President Obama’s’ growth’ when, in 2012, he confirmed that he was’ absolutely comfortable’ with same-sex marriage .”

Just yesterday, Biden received an endorsement from the Communist Party USA and has also been touted by other Marxist activists.

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