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All it takes to fool facial recognition at airports and border crossings is a printed mask, researchers found

Kneron team member next to his own high quality 3D maskKneron

Researchers with an artificial-intelligence firm said they were able to fool facial-recognition software at an airfield and mobile-payment kiosks using a printed disguise, highlighting security vulnerabilities. The researchers said the tests, which were carried out across three continents, clowned two mobile-payment structures, a Chinese border checkpoint, and a passport-control gate at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. However, researchers were unable to fool some facial-recognition software, including Apple’s Face ID. The corporation that designed the disguise, Kneron, heightened $73 million from the likes of Alibaba, Qualcomm, and Scopes Ventures after the study ran viral. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more narratives.

Facial recognition is being widely embraced as a protection tool — enforcement and corporations alike are rolling it out to keep tabs on who’s accessing airports, storages, and smartphones.

As it turns out, the technology is fallible. Researchers with the artificial-intelligence firm Kneron announced that they were able to chump some facial-recognition systems use a printed disguise illustrating a different person’s face.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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