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Trump Endorses Candidate Who Voted For Hillary, Told Him To Drop Out

President Donald Trump endorsed a candidate in a key House race on Thursday who previously considered leaving the Republican Party, told Trump to drop out in 2016, and that voted in favour of Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Trump endorsed Carlos Gimenez on Thursday night in Florida’s 26 th Congressional District, tweeting:” Carlos will win big, very exciting. Great for Florida, great for USA! He has my complete and total Endorsement !”

Carlos will win big, most exciting. Great for Florida, great for USA! He has my complete and total Endorsement! https :// t.co/ 6Rd5laSEkV

— Donald J. Trump (@ realDonaldTrump) January 24, 2020

Trump’s decision to back Gimenez effectively means that he has turned his back on Irina Vilarino, a pro-Trump refugee from socialist Cuba who came to the U.S. when she was a little girl and is a highly successful business owner.

In 2016, Gimenez told WFOR CBS4:” I’m not going to endorse anybody, but between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, I’m not have voted in favour of Donald Trump. Obviously, I must be voting for Hillary Clinton .”

” Donald Trump needs to step down ,” Gimenez continued.” I don’t think he is viable as a presidential nominee .”

In 2014, Gimenez indicated that he was thinking about leaving the Republican Party.

“Are you still a Republican? ” Gimenez was asked in an interview.

” Look, I maintain a nonpartisan outlook ,” Gimenez answered.” And what bothers me is you somehow get labeled because you’re in a party .”

“I’m an independent thinker, ” Gimenez continued. “I support Democrats and Republicans. I’m registered as a Republican right now. But I take my stance as a nonpartisan extremely, very seriously.”

When he was asked about whether he would change his party affiliation, Gimenez said, “I may be. We’ll see about that.”

Vilarino, 43, is the co-owner of Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine eateries, the first of which opened in 1984 after her family arrived in the U.S. after escaping socialist Cuba and now has over a dozen eateries in South Florida.

” Members of Vilarino’s family, including her father, were locked up as political prisoners in communist Cuba and, at only 4-years-old, Vilarino and her family arrived in Florida during the Mariel Boatlift, an occurrence where a large number of Cubans escaped to the U.S. during 1980 ,” The Daily Wire reported.” Vilarino is challenging freshman Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell( D-FL ), who has voted with socialist Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez( NY) and Ilhan Omar( MN) 95% of the time while in Congress .”

“Vilarino — a party loyalist with a sharp-tongued presence on social media — furnishes an interesting contrast with[ Rep. Carlos Curbelo( R-FL )], who often violate with Trump and often preserved the president at a distance while representing a region that is both majority-Hispanic and left-leaning, ” The Miami Herald reported. “After Curbelo lost, Trump taunted him during a news conference and blamed his loss on his distaste to embrace the president.”

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Wire last year, Vilarino said that she was inspired to run for office because she” began to fear that the same policies that wrecked my world in Cuba were beginning to take hold in the Democrat Party here .”

Vilarino said that the top issues for voters in that region were” the national debt, healthcare, and environmental matters .”

” The more important, I feel, is the national debt because if we do not address that, there will not be enough financial resources in the world to deal with the other two issues ,” Vilarino added.” Strengthening the middle class is a priority. If Americans don’t feel they can make ends meet that allows socialists to tout their entitlement schedule. Once people get on that instruct it will be too difficult for them to get off of it .”

Vilarino has attended numerous political events with Trump and has protected him got a couple of times during appearings she made on CNN. Vilarino likewise had far out raised the other Republicans that were running in the district.

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