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Slipknot: Ban of spiked collars at Glasgow show branded “ridiculous”

A ban on spiked collars at Slipknot‘s show in Glasgow tonight( January 18) has triggered anger among the metal community.

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The US metal band are scheduled to perform as part of their’ We Are Not Your Kind’ tour at the Hydro tonight, but before fans attend they might want to take a look at a list of banned accessories the venue have published.

Spiked collars, big belt fastens and huge chain purses are among the items featured. The full index of pieces include: laser pointers, fireworks, candles, whistlings and signs.

Promoters for the event, Cosa Nostra PR, has already requested similar limiteds at previous gigs, the BBC reports.

Donald MacLeod, the owner of the Garage and Cathouse rock golf-clubs in Glasgow, who had been collaborating on occurrences with the Scottish Event Campus( SEC) for time, described the move as” a joke .”

He said:” We’ve never had issues like this on dress. It’s incredible. I must admit I burst out laughing and supposed this was a joke.

” What I’ve encountered running the Cathouse- which is an iconic establishment- is we’ve had all modes of dress codes, be it emo, goth, heavy metallers and hip hop. They all have a brand and an identity- snout hoops or tattoos- and it’s probably the safest and friendliest golf-club that I’ve had.

” Yes there have been incidents, but people police themselves and they look after each other. We have put one over many sees in the SEC of a similar calibre such as Nine Inch Nails and nobody was flung out and there were no problems.

” There were more difficulties at Still Game and there were no high-pitched heeled buckled boots there. You get more fighting at a projectiles match .”

He added:” I can’t see how telling people not to wear big-hearted boots is going to prevent fires, it’s ridiculous .”

SlipknotSlipknot perform live at Dublin’s 3Arena( Getty)

Hydro staff have said that the ban is in line with similar rules at other UK venues during the band’s’ We Are Not Your Kind’ tour.

A spokesperson for The SSE Hydro told the BBC:” We crave everyone attending an event here to have an enjoyable experience.

” However, there are restrictions on what is allowed into the SSE Hydro and these can vary- this is related to the safety of everyone attending occurrences here and to the security of the venue .”

Speaking to STV News, one devotee said of the prohibition:” I know the Hydro does tend to have a lot of security in place and that’s fair enough, but when you’re seeing that it’s belt fastens and billfolds, 99% of that stuff is ideally what people who go to this gig want to wear .”

She continued:” The boots I’ve get for it are metal with spikes, can’t wear them. I had a leather jacket with spikes on it, can’t wear that. Spiked dog collar, can’t wear that. Pretty much the majority of members of the kits that a lot of these people tend to wear are straight up banned.”

Another fan said: “I think it’s quite absurd because if you think of rock and heavy music, a lot of it is to do with fashion- people express themselves through it.

“So you’re stopping people’s expression, specially because they’re at a gig.”

Meanwhile, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor has called out streaming services for paying “less than pennies” when it comes to royalties .

Speaking in a new interview, the frontman took be targeted at exploitive royalty rates and divulged just how little the band receives.

Watch the band kick off first night of their’ We Are Not Your Kind’ tour in Dublin .

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