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Harry and Meghan: what price their independence?

The consequences of the couple’s decision to bail out of the family firm must still be worked out

When in the 1990 s Prince Charles and palace consultants started the process of slimming down the royal family’s entourage and hangers-on, they could not have imagined that natural wastage rather than active culling would have reduced the inner core quite so abruptly and drastically. First Prince Andrew , now Harry and Meghan, within a couple of months, though for entirely different reasons.

Less than two years ago the future of the family firm seemed assured, a seamless advance from the old guard to a new generation, with two superstars in the battalion: princes William and Harry with their respective marriages. The second-in-line was dutiful and appease, perhaps even boring in his distinctly middle-aged, balding demeanour, while the younger brother made up in allure and raciness what his brother absence in hullabaloo. To cap everything is, Harry was marrying an American actress of dual heritage – perfect product placement as well as a genuine love equal- to keep the Windsors up with the ethnic and cultural diversity of contemporary society.

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