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Moving Pictures 2015 – Movie Trailers Mashup

Film List: clarkzhu.tumblr.com/ post/ 13381873944 1/ movingpictures2 015 Twitter: twitter.com/ clarkzhu7 24 Email: clarkzhu7 24 @gmail. com

Folks, here it is. I actually am out of words right now. First time ever, I invested the whole year working on one particular project. It feels to me like a life-time work. I hope everyone can share the unspeakable adoration for movies that I devote in this work. If you like this video, please share it to others. And you also may subscribe/ follow me if you want to see more of my coming tasks. Hope y’all enjoy it.* Self-analysis essay coming soon…

YouTube version: youtu.be/ js-QqZDOxtw

Music: “Finale” by Henry Jackman courtesy of Universal Music Publishing Ltd& EMI Music “Hot” by Silver, Sir Realist courtesy of Extreme Music “A Familiar Taste” by Trent Reznor courtesy of The Null Corporation “Wait” by M83 courtesy of The Orchard Music WMG “Rock Your World” by Shanks Mansell courtesy of Extreme Music

Edited by Clark Zhu( c) 2015 ‘Moving Pictures 2015 ‘ is a non-profit project shaped exclusively for amusement purposes simply. No copyright violation intended. All content remains courtesy of its respective proprietors , none of which were notified of this project.

Cast: Clark Zhu

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