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The Kabbalah Connection: Insiders say a celebrity-centered religious sect deeply influenced how Adam Neumann ran WeWork before its spectacular collapse

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As Adam and Rebekah Neumann built WeWork into a $47 billion coworking monster, the couple relied on the teachings of the Kabbalah Centre, a spiritual company whose high-pressure gift tactics have drained multiples former members’ bank accounts, informants told Business Insider. Kabbalah Centre Rabbi Eitan Yardeni was a regular sight at WeWork roles, where former employees “says hes” helped put together at least one deal, met with company executives, and in at least one instance spoke to the entire company as a “spiritual counselor.” In conversations with Business Insider, former Kabbalah Centre members said that Yardeni pressured them into making big donations to the religious sect, telling them that their spiritual health depended on it. Because of their money and social connects, Adam and Rebekah were privileged members of the New York Kabbalah Centre, where their special status gave them unique privileges and close proximity to Kabbalah Centre leadership. However, Adam left the Centre in 2017 during an exodus of frustrated teachers and students. A spokesman for the Neumanns said that the couple does not practice Kabbalah, but said that Rebekah is friends with Yardeni. For more tales about WeWork, click here .

With his angular aspects, fashionable stubble, close-cropped salt-and-pepper hair, and chunky glasses, Eitan Yardeni didn’t look out of place at WeWork’s New York City headquarters, where he was a familiar existence to staffers. But the 55 -year-old Yardeni is no tech guru: He’s a spiritual one.

Yardeni is a long-time confidant of WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann and his wife Rebekah. He is likewise a high-ranking rabbi within the Kabbalah Centre, an organization claiming thousands of members founded around doctrines of Jewish mysticism. Though Kabbalah has been around for centuries, the Kabbalah Centre is a uniquely modern phenomenon — it marries intense spiritual guidance, high-pressure fundraising tactics, and a focus on wealth and luminary. Some former members have likened the group to a religious cult, and say it designed to enrich the family that founded it. Yardeni has counseled such high-profile acolytes as Madonna, Guy Oseary, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, and Roseanne Barr.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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