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Baltimore Sun journalist on CNN says press should stop being afraid of their bias against ‘evil’ Trump being seen as biased

In a stupendous and possibly unprecedented display of absolute clueless deficiency of self-awareness, a publication journalist showing as a guest on CNN Sunday argued that journalists are afraid to “forcefully” convince people to vote against Trump because then people might mistakenly must be considered them as biased.

What, guy ??

Before we go too far down the road of taunting this as a sole voice of incoherence, it’s important to point out that this is a pretty good representation of the mentality of most journalists in the United States. Seriously.

David Zurawik is media critic for The Baltimore Sun, and he’s a moderately frequent cable report talking head, as well. He’s an excitable one, and likes to get worked up. In this case, his sud is the result of what has turned out to be the only news in the news this weekend: Trump’s tweets about Baltimore.

Zurawik appeared on Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter. Stelter, a former Maryland resident himself, has been all over CNN’s other shows on specific topics of the working day, too. For his part, he, like Chris Wallace, made the utterly irrelevant degree about there being plenty of other parts of Rep. Elijah Cummings district which are not riddle with rodents, video of the rat-heavy regions notwithstanding.

But Zurawik had a bigger argument. He said that reporters and anchors and — well you know, journalists — should stop worrying that being biased might attain people think they are biased, so that they’ll be more successful in turning voters out for the Democrats.

I’m really serious. That’s really what he says, I’m telling you. Just listen.

“Brian, we’re not going to correct him. He’s not going to change. He’s so far down this road of evil, he’s not going to change. We can change voters’ heads for 2020, that’s what we can do if we retain speaking forcefully, and we talk about morality. Journalists do not talk enough about morality, because we think people will think we’re biased. No. We need to keep talking about it because we have an amoral President and administration right now.”

That is such an impressive determined of self-contradicting self-owns I can’t do it justice by explain. It stands alone, apart, a gravestone to itself.

On air and online, I’ve spoken and written many times about the facts of the case that the number one problem with the media is their belief that they have an obligation to history, to a greater moral truth, and to the “calling” they see as their profession. It’s too much to go into in this article, but one hardly needs to. Just watch the video and encounter the result.

It practically speaks for itself. Even while not speaking for the people.

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