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14 of the Best Public Relations Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Sometimes, a press release about your company’s new product launch, substantial hire, or acquisition fails to pick up the coverage you were expecting. Columnist crave juicy tales and viral marketing campaigns, but standing out in a ocean of conventional tones is one of the biggest challenges for any public relations professional.

When you need a dosage of inspiration, blogs like PR Examples “re a great” region to find the most compelling PR plays. To save you some time, we curated a index of the absolute best of very good to get the creativity stream for your next campaign.

Read on to get inspired by some of very good brains in public relations.

1. Lyft& Netflix: Strange Mode Industry Relations

Traveling the world can give you some of the best suffers of their own lives, but it can also thrust you into situations that you’ll want to scrub from your memory, like stay the night in a hostel. There are countless hostel horror stories online and the thousands of videos that tease their hospitality scattered throughout social media — so needless to say, they don’t have very good reputation.

But HostelWorld, a hostel booking website, decided to team up with Mariah Carey to freshen up their image and showcase the pleasant world of remained in a modern period hostel. Together, they explosion through affordable accommodation stereotypes by spotlighting the lesser known luxuries of hostels like having access to the same facilities as more expensive accommodations, but at a cheaper price, and being able to connect with other fellow travelers.

HostelWorld’s message is simple: if hostels are nice enough for divas like Mariah Carey, then they’re nice enough for everyone..

3. Lawyer.com: Choosing Lindsay Lohan to Be their Spokesperson Customer Relations

Picking Lindsay Lohan to be your company’s official spokesperson could spark a lot of backlash. But when you connect people with solicitors, the move can grow loadings of smiles, publicity, and clients. Lawyer.com’s brilliant marketing play-act resonated with audiences because Lohan’s troubled past and her frequent brushings with the law makes people who might’ve gotten in a little trouble feel like they’re not alone. It also builds them feel better about themselves. If a high-status celebrity needed a solicitor — multiple times — then maybe it’s not so bad if you need one too — right?

4. Stabilo Boss: Highlight the Remarkable Corporate and Social Responsibility

There have been remarkable females throughout record that might not ought to have celebrated as they should have been. Stabilo Boss — the company that sells highlighter pens — started a campaign to highlight these women and their incredible accomplishments.

Stabilo took famous black-and-white photos from historic moment and described a yellow highlighting pipeline to showcase the status of women in the photo that induced it all happen. The Boss PR campaign highlighted ladies like Katharine Johnson, the NASA mathematician responsible for the computations that sent Apollo 11 to the moon. Other examples include Nobel Prize winner Lise Meitner ando First Lady Edith Wilson.

The campaign blew up on social media and is to continue to win multiple awards.

stabilo_boss_katherine_print_thumbPhoto credit: Ads of the World 5. Logitech: BS Detection Spoof Industry Relations

Hours after April Sucker Day, almost every marketing publication rounds up very good spoofs, pranks, and stunts that distracted everyone at work that day. One of the funniest spoofs that deserved a place in all the major roundups this year was Logitech’s fake Business Speak Detection product video. By giving their product a punny, yet subtly accurate name, the video pokes fun at most businesses’ obsession and overuse of buzzwords. But it also has the feel of a real product overview, which induces it even more hilarious.

6. Old Spice: Paper Blazer Ad Marketing Communications

Photo Credit: PR Examples

When Fragrance labels advertise in publications, they usually show off their odors by drenching an ad with their latest cologne or incense. But Old Spice realise people generally don’t enjoy unexpectedly pungent perfumes transgressing their nostrils when they’re flip-flop through their favorite magazine. So in typical Old Spice manner, they gently ribbed other fragrance brands by setting a paper blazer doused in their new cologne, Captain, in their print ad in GQ magazine. Then they wrote about how these newspaper blazers are contributing to humankinds attract attention not only with trendy style, but also with masculine smelling. The only drawback of the blazer is that it’ll turn into papier-mache on you in the rain.

Humor and cleverness is one of the best ways to appeal to your audience and gain earned media attention, and it seems like Old Spice can leverage them both on any marketing channel.

Photo Credit: PR Examples

7. Star Wars : Passing the Box-Office Baton to The Avengers Social Media

Congratulations, @MarvelStudios and @Avengers: #InfinityWar. pic.twitter.com/ PnHfaouOlP

— Star Wars (@ starwars)

May 1, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War just shattered Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ record for the most prominent opening weekend ever by grossing over $250 million. LucasFilm, the studio that created and made Star Wars, wasn’t bitter though. Instead, they were proud of their friends over at Marvel Studios, and send them a heartwarming congratulatory tweet. By applauding them for their incredible accomplishment, and not sulking about their broken record, Star Wars payed the respect of movie admirers everywhere — not to mention some media coverage for the gesture.

8. Johnnie Walker: Jane Walker Corporate and Social Responsibility

Photo Credit: PR Examples

To promote gender equality and honor the many achievements of women throughout history, Johnnie Walker launched a female version of its whisky on International Women’s Day called Jane Walker. The limited-edition bottle featured the status of women on their iconic symbol, instead of a man, which connected the brand to all those who also support their commitment to social progress.

In March 2018, Johnnie Walker released 250,000 bottles of Jane Walker, and for every bottle sold, they donated$ 1 to organizations that empower women. This tangible wallop helped their campaign gain even more support and publicity.

9. AirBnB& BBCEarth: Night at Blue Planet II Industry Relations

Blue Planet II is considered the greatest nature series of all time, with its firstly episode attracting over 14 million viewers and paying the name of Britain’s highest rated TV show in 2017. Watching the display can almost place you into the habitat they’re filming, but BBC Earth wanted to take things to the next tier for their biggest fans: they offered them a chance to experience what it’s like to be a researcher and filmmaker for Blue Planet II.

To do so, they teamed up with AirBnB to run a tournament for their members, and two lucky winners got to expend three days and two nights in the Bahamas on the research and exploration vessel used in the show’s filming. During their jaunt, they lived with and discussed work with researchers and dove deep into the Atlantic Ocean in a submarine with filmmakers to observe some of nature’s most unique underwater wildlife. By offering a once in a lifetime opportunity, BBC Earth could get more people to watch their made prove, and AirBnB could construct their brand affinity.

Photo Credit: PR Examples

10. SpaceX& Tesla: SpaceX Sends a Tesla into Outer Space Public Affairs

View from SpaceX Launch Control. Apparently, there is a car in orbit around Earth. pic.twitter.com/ QljN2VnL 1O

— Elon Musk (@ elonmusk)

February 6, 2018

Everyone knows Elon Musk wants to send humans to Mars. So when SpaceX launched their newest rocket, Falcon Heavy, into space, it made some headlines. But when the Falcon Heavy suddenly hit a cherry-red Tesla Roadster blasting David Bowie’s 1971 made “Life on Mars? ” into orbit, it was being called the greatest automotive PR stunt in history.

The car will now float between Earth and Mars for millions of years, and serve as reminder for present and benefit of future generations to always reach for the stars. The success of both launches also improved SpaceX and Falcon Heavy’s reputation. Falcon Heavy is now the most powerful rocket on earth, so it’s realistic to say it can launch heavy satellites and future space station into orbit, shuttle cargo to Mars, and even haul humans to the moon. And that’s exactly what Elon Musk needs the public to think if he wants to accomplish his ambitious goals.

11. BBC Scotland: Scotland From the Sky: Glen Coe Integrated Marketing and Communications

The viral challenged conjured more than $ 115 million dollars, with nearly $80 million going towards experiment. The campaign was a massive success — awareness and funding for ALS has skyrocketed, all thanks to millions of people dedicating themselves brain freeze.

14. Guinness: Guinness Clear Corporate and Social Responsibility

Guinness pushed a series of ads to promote its newest product: Guinness Clear. This completely transparent, refreshing liquor “will retain you hydrated and help you stay in control.” Their secret recipe? It’s only water.

This lighthearted PR campaign is actually trying to address a more serious issue — binge drinking. The company hopes that consumers will drink more of their “Guinness Clear” to remember their nighttimes and not overdo it while still having fun. Guinness hopes the ads will drive conversation and healthier habits.

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