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Best camera phones under Rs 20,000 in India for May 2019

The camera is a very important element of a smartphone today. As such, it& apos; s a no-brainer for smartphone producers to double down on their camera tech and make it further accessible.

With the rise of dual and triple cameras on a phone, the sub-Rs 20,000 budget category has perhaps the largest range of products for consumers make their own choices. But not every phone that& apos; s sold as a camera phone has decent cameras.

We have prepared a list of smartphones with impressive cameras under Rs 20,000 that should be on your picket list.

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Starting at Rs 13,999, the Redmi Note 7 Pro presents a great camera which appeases photography enthusiasts. Further, it brings down the Sony IMX5 86 sensor to the budget segment which allows the camera to create pictures with 8000 x 6000 pixels solving effectively translating to 48 MP.

The camera on the Note 7 Pro protects good amount of details with textures, accurate colourings and differ. It is able to capture great dynamic scope and with the inclusion of AI-based features such as scene detection among others, the Note 7 Pro definitely sets a benchmark in mobile photography.

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The Mi A2 succeeds the very successful Mi A1 from Chinese phone manufacturer Xiaomi. Similar to its predecessor, the highlighting aspect of the Mi A2 is its camera, which has been rated as the best low-light camera under a budget.

Not merely that, the Mi A2 rivals against much pricier handsets when it comes to camera. The Mi A2 captures some really impressive images in good sun, and doesn& apos; t disillusion in low-light either. It manages to click well uncovered photos with good detail and optimum saturation.

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The POCO F1 is, again, from Xiaomi& apos; s family. It& apos; s the most talked about budget flagship around the globe, which delivered the flagship level hardware as low-pitched as Rs 19,999. It not only offers a powerful chipset, but likewise consists of an impressive situated of lenses for photography. To recollect, it is the same handset that flog the likes of iPhone XS in MKBHD& apos; s dazzle test.

The camera results are somewhat close to what Mi A2 has to offer, but the results aren& apos; t as natural. It is a wise option if you are looking for a camera that can produce social-media friendly pictures and don& apos; t want to get into the nitty gritty of flavors, colors and details.

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The Asus Max Pro M2 is the successor that the M1 deserved. More so, because the camera on M1 was one are where it was relatively fell short against the rivalry. The Max Pro M2 delivers major improvements in the camera department and is one of the best cameras one can get at this rate. On top, you get a great set of hardware, massive battery and a good UI.

Need to buy a good sounding telephone with a camera that impresses in good lighting circumstances? The Honor 10 Lite is the best in the scope. It offers a staggering assortment of shooting modes- from Automatic, to AI mode for advanced incident detecting, right through to semi-automatic and a 100% manual mode, called Pro Mode.

The social media addicts will find the 24 MP front camera well suited for good looking selfies.

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