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Classy: Twitter blue-check calls Pete Davidson an ‘attention seeking whore’ after posting ‘suicide note’

Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson, to whom we have to give credit for owning up to his dumb joke about Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw and his eyepatch and having Crenshaw on as a guest to roast him for it, posted a disturbing message to Instagram Saturday, and then quickly deleted his account.

Pete Davidson just posted this on his verified Instagram account. If you know him, I hope you’ll give him the love and support he needs. If you don’t, you can still give him support. https://t.co/osNU2MdppU pic.twitter.com/IIlfC38BqY

— Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) December 15, 2018

Pray for #PeteDavidson and all those who are suffering during this time of year. Depression is an absolute bitch straight from the pit of hell. It takes more than a pill to cope with it. Hoping and praying for Pete to dig out of the pit and shine.

— Kira (@RealKiraDavis) December 15, 2018

The word from NBC is that Davidson  is at work and fine, but his post was tinder for a lot of hot takes, like this one from Emmy-nominated entertainment news producer Peter O’Riordan, whom we’re guessing doesn’t have a lot of first-hand experience with clinical depression:

People that want to commit suicide JUST DO IT, they don’t publicize it and broadcast it like an attention seeking whore Pete ….. sick of people fucking throwing around “mental health” as a buzz word you sycophantic POS

— Peter O Riordan (@PeterORIordan1) December 15, 2018

If anyone was looking for the worst garbage human on Twitter right now, I found him. https://t.co/pnlUHbZ2gJ

— Eric Spencer (@JustEric) December 15, 2018

This is what a trash human being looks like. Be better, Pete. pic.twitter.com/y6hK81otmU

— Son of Liberty (@filiuslibertate) December 15, 2018

We have lost our humanity and ability to empathize. https://t.co/nomKmn7Idw

— Chad Felix Greene (@chadfelixg) December 15, 2018

You lack empathy. Maybe he is crying for help because he doesn’t want to do it! Just stop.

🎄 Christmas Belle 🎄 (@MyBamaBelle528) December 15, 2018

What a horrible comment to make.

— ℂ𝕙𝕚𝕔𝕜𝕒𝕕𝕖𝕖, 𝕠𝕟 𝕒 𝔻𝕠𝕕𝕘𝕖 𝔻𝕒𝕣𝕥 (@pipandbaby) December 15, 2018

This guy has no clue what he’s talking about.

If you need to talk to someone, don’t hesitate to reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

You’re not alone.

— Spencer For Hire (@SpencerDukoff) December 15, 2018

Wow. You’ve been reported.

— sandismall (@SmallSandi) December 15, 2018

Wow, this is the worst thing I’ve seen on Twitter in a while.

— Aaron (@whatyeswhy) December 15, 2018

May karma be swift.

— Adrianna Gallo (@babadri) December 15, 2018

Wow, so this is what life with no empathy looks like.

— Jordan Gravelin (@jordan_gravelin) December 15, 2018

You’re disgusting. Something is wrong with you.

— Kimberley Johnson (@AuthorKimberley) December 15, 2018

This is the kind of tweet that could make an unwell person DO IT. Please be careful with your words regarding mental health. I promise you it’s not a buzz word, but a real scary issue affecting a lot more people than you may think.

— Chris Salvatore (@CSalvatore) December 15, 2018

Good luck keeping your job, whatever it is.

— Kevin Whyte (@kevinwhyte87) December 15, 2018

the tweet you're currently getting ratio'd on is a good example of 'attention-seeking' 👀

— Tsar ⚓ ☃ (@Boudreauxdadog) December 15, 2018

You truly are a horrible person.

— Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) December 15, 2018

Tell this to my brother who killed himself in August. Also my friends who did warn before doing it

— SarahRunsWithScissors (@mycatdoesyoga) December 15, 2018

Tell this also to my friend who shot herself this week.

— Rita Williams (@Ritarebel64) December 15, 2018

RIP your reputation as a decent person.

— Pamela C (@pamica) December 15, 2018

Watching the ratio on this one… pic.twitter.com/QVl90qr3eF

— Mark Schofield (@MarkSchofield) December 15, 2018

Looks like you got the attention you sought.


But maybe some good can come of it:

If you need to talk to someone, don’t hesitate to reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

You’re not alone.

— Michael Ewing (@mewing23) December 15, 2018

why are you so mean?

— Sara Ost (@saraost) December 15, 2018

I'm sure it has something to do with his "mental health" and past "psychological trauma"…

— Michael Durbin (@mjjdurbin) December 15, 2018

It seems like he's depressed and is extremely angry about it.

— Sara Ost (@saraost) December 15, 2018

A year ago today you were using your wife's illness for publicity and broadcasting it. I hope she having a good day and is feeling better. It was sad to read since I know some who suffers from the same thing. you should re-read it and maybe become a better man.

— Brian James (@VoodooHipster) December 15, 2018

"Epic Dad" LOL

— bpfastball (@mjmanson) December 15, 2018

I hope your kids never have any mental health issues. Depression is all encompassing and overwhelming and having family with no understanding of it makes it so much worse.

— TheInsistence (@cleverironictag) December 15, 2018

Am sure YOUR kids will turn out just fine with all the empathy you show. 🙄

— Kim (@runningin_co) December 15, 2018

Wow. You seem nice. ☹

— T Barkema (@pet_loverva) December 15, 2018

I've lost a best friend, a cousin, & a grandfather to suicide.

This tweet is sick.

— Mangy Jay (@magi_jay) December 15, 2018

Delete your account, jackass.

— Anita Creamer (@AnitaCreamer) December 15, 2018

People reach out for help in various ways. It’s when people don’t we wonder why wasn’t something said. What signs did we miss. How did they not know. This post is wildly low EQ. You endorse SAG. Pretend at the very least to be empathetic to a plight you aren’t skilled in.

— Kym W ✨💫🌟 (@kymwill7144) December 15, 2018

My god no words for how ridiculous that statement is, did you ever think perhaps it was a cry for help?! I hope by vocalizing it he does get the help he needs before it’s too late! #killthestigma

— Aimee Weldon (@Amz_Weldon) December 15, 2018

NO. People who are suicidal are generally AMBIVALENT. They don't necessarily want to die, – they just want their pain to end.Suicidal people often give all kinds of clues and changes in behavior before acting. They want help out of what seems to be a hopeless situation.

— Tess Namon (@tessnam) December 15, 2018

You should be banned from @Twitter @TwitterSupport

— T'Hanos (@MrMatrix09) December 15, 2018

How hard this all must be for you. Thoughts and prayers.

— kalbzayn (@kalbzayn) December 15, 2018

SCIENTIFIC STUDIES show that people do commit suicide who have talked about it before. The myth arises because sometimes they'll make a gesture first, & because sometimes they may talk about it on & off (you know, when they're in a depressive episode?), for months or even years.

— Ain'tNoSpringChicken (@PshrinkEmeritus) December 15, 2018

I don’t know you and I’m glad.

— NoMore (@ThereIsNoBottom) December 15, 2018

This is the kind of reactionary, myopic take and outburst that legitimately does assist in increasing the rates of self-harm in individuals who might be susceptible to it due to their mental health and resolve having depleted.

Please educate yourself, Peter. Lives count on it.

☃ Christopher ☃ (@LeChristopherAG) December 15, 2018

I hope in your darkest moments you fine someone more kind and helpful than you are yourself. Glad I don’t know you personally or I’d be ashamed of being connected to someone with so little empathy.

— whitesuburbanmom (@mamagrumpypants) December 15, 2018

I wish I had a crystal ball to see if you would have still written this had you gotten that one decisive hug you needed at the right moment of your childhood.

— Ben Philippe (@gohomeben) December 15, 2018

As someone that is dealing with mental illness, these words are not needed. We reach out because sometimes we can't tell people we love or our doctor what we truly feel for fear of being committed. Sometimes strangers offer the best advice and love in a time of need.

— Twans (@IamTwans) December 15, 2018

They'll give a blue check to just about anyone, won't they?

— Wakanda Rizzuto (@wandarizzuto) December 15, 2018

Your bio is wrong. It says your a news producer but based on this tweet, surely you’re a mental health professional who’s done extensive studies on suicide that were published in peer-reviewed journals? There’s no way you’d tweet this without being an expert in the field, right?

— Jenna Quigley (@JBomb11) December 15, 2018

I've never heard of you before. I googled you, saw articles about something bad going on in your life, you even included pictures. Were those articles "attention seeking?" Should people blast you for it, too?

Or can we all just show a little kindness to each other?

— Max Kennerly (@MaxKennerly) December 15, 2018

Today is the one year anniversary of the death by suicide of my teenage daughter's friend. She definitely spoke about. She was a beautiful light that's permanently out now. She's not coming back. She was 15 and very very loved in the world. Please never speak on this topic again.

✨🌊 Mary Soulbirdr 🌊✨ (@SoulBirdr) December 15, 2018

You need to delete this message. Rethink your words. And be more careful with the way that you use your platform. People who are crying out for help deserve better than you are offering with these words.

— Steven Spohn (@stevenspohn) December 15, 2018


‘What America is all about’: WATCH how SNL and Pete Davidson apologized to Dan Crenshaw (it’s REALLY good) https://t.co/djypo3DoXF

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) November 11, 2018

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