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Our 2018 Annual Report Begins Monday

It’s that time of its first year again: On Monday, Consequence of Sound will begin to publish its 2018 Annual Report, beginning with our picks for the Top 50 Albums of its first year. Will it be Janelle? Cardi B? Pusha-T? You’ll have to return and find out.

From there, we’ll continue rolling out the rest of our year-end rolls, specifically our Top 50 Ballads, Top 25 Films, Top 25 Tv Shows, and much, much more. It’s going to be a listapalooza, and we want your thoughts on each and every list.

In between we’ll share our superlative pickings for this year’s better Band, Artist, Rookie, Comedian, Festival, Filmmaker, Performance, Showrunner, TV Performance, and the identifies will go on. Most, if not all, will include exclusive interviews.

In the meantime, start debating over at our open forum on Facebook.

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