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Billy Magnussen is set to reprise his role in an ‘Aladdin’ spinoff. Meanwhile, lead actor Mena Massoud revealed he hasn’t had ‘a single audition’ since the movie was released.

Reuters Actor Billy Magnussen was in accordance with reprise his role as Prince Anders in a spinoff of the live-action ‘Aladdin’ for Disney Plus. Meanwhile, performer Mena Massoud, who played the titular attribute in the billion-dollar grossing live-action remake, said in an interview with The Daily Beast that he hasn’t …

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Our 2018 Annual Report Begins Monday

It’s that time of its first year again: On Monday, Consequence of Sound will begin to publish its 2018 Annual Report, beginning with our picks for the Top 50 Albums of its first year. Will it be Janelle? Cardi B? Pusha-T? You’ll have to return and find out. From there, …

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Spy comedy caper left firing blanks

You know, sometimes, all you crave is to kick back, loosen , not have to think too much and laugh your socks off at a really good comedy. Well, with The Spy Who Dumped Me, you’re luck is in. At least one of those things would certainly happen. For both …

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