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During Rosh Hashanah, Apples and Honey are a Beautiful Metaphor

Rosh Hashanah( likewise spelled Rosh HaShanah and Roshashana) is the Jewish New Year celebration that takes place this year from the evening of Sunday, September 9 to the evening of Tuesday, September 11 th( it’s based on the lunar calendar, so dates differ year to time ).

Rosh Hashanah, which necessitates” the head of its first year” in Hebrew, is also frequently associated( at least to those who are only vaguely familiar) with apples and honey.

What is the significant of apples and honey during Rosh Hashanah, “youre asking”?

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Well, the tradition of dipping an apple in honey and expending it as part of a dinner is to welcome the beginning of its first year with “sweetness” and to wish that the rest of it will be the same. According to Chabad, honey, which is also sweet, is nevertheless produced by bees that are able sting- an ample metaphor for the ups and downs of life( e.g. sweetness and ache ). The recognition of “bittersweet” actualities and the premonition that the start of a “sweet” new time bodes well for the year to come is typified by the reaching of apples( and to a lesser extent, honey) at local farmers sells, as apples are a Fall crop.

Like Persian New Year, many of the foods served during Rosh Hashanah have a symbolic meaning. Round challah eat typifies the circle of life, while the head of a fish, according to the report of USA Today, may typify the “‘ brain’ of the year and reflect the devotion’ let us be the brain and not the tail.'”

Depending on neighbourhood traditions, pomegranates may also be served during Rosh Hashanah to symbolize a fruitful and abundant year( as pomegranates are rich with many seeds ). So , now you know!

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