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Exclusive: This Nail Art Will Make You Hate Disney’s Evil Villains A Little Less

Imagine this: You walk into a bar, probably somewhere on the Lower East Side, it smells like freshly-lit cigarettes, gin, and debauchery. You spot two women: One is in the corner wearing a tiara and scrolling through her #foodporn Instagram feed, and another — garmented in all black, draped in a hair( relax, it’s faux) — is sipping on a dry martini. Who do you want to hang out with?

While we’d never hope to become villains ourselves, we wouldn’t mind getting a liquor or hitting up a karaoke saloon with one of the evil queens. Let’s face it: The Maleficents, the Ursulas, and the Evil Queens of the world are just … cooler. They’re also the ones we’d want by our side in a landowner quarrel( sometimes you gotta be the bad guy when it comes to adulting ). And we’re not the only people who think so.

Tonight, The Blonds debuted their first partnership with Disney, featuring an entire collect inspired by the House of Mouse. Luckily, there weren’t any amusement park headbands in sight. Phillipe and David Blond designed an historical collecting bringing the unpopular Disney villains — Cruella de Vil, the Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Ursula — to life, from the bedazzled corsets right down to the detailed manicures on the models’ fingertips.

Naturally, the nail artwork was created by CND’s design team, led by Style Director Jan Arnold, who’s worked with The Blonds since the very first testify. “We heard the story, we recognized the drawings, we had a has met with our design crew, and soon, we received 100 templates of nail hypothesis that we then adjusted and curated forwarded to The Blonds, ” Arnold told Refinery2 9 today. The demise make: Practically 350 hours of hand-painted, crystal-embossed gel fingernails for 30 models.

Here’s the thing: These fingernails may have been inspired by Disney, but they’re edgier than anything you’d ever find in Toontown. We got an exclusive look at the details. Click ahead to check out the behind-the-scenes secrets of the fingernails. These designings will have you tossing your tiara and pink ballgown in no time.

Arnold said that after recognizing The Blonds’ inspiration board for the first time, the CND team was flooded with ideas of different textures( plumages, sequins, magnitudes) and colors( purples, dark-greens, and true-life red-faceds ). Take a closer look at the humor committee, and you’ll even spot a picture of Kylie Jenner’s lilac manicure.

Photographed by Madison Voelkel.

Paris Hilton strolled as de Vil down the runway, but not even she could be as extra as the 101 Dalmatian nails. Stirred to look like a deconstruction of the villain’s puppy coat, a majority of the nails had dangle chains, needles, and loose yarns together with white-hot and black plumages to represent the fur.

Photographed by Madison Voelkel.

“[ The Blonds] genuinely approached Cruela de Vil as this badass punk rocker, ” Arnold clarifies. “She desires couture. She’ll do anything to get her hands on it.” The bottom row of fingernails, covered in black and white sequins were stimulated specifically for Hilton’s look.

Photographed by Madison Voelkel.

The coolest duty: If you flip over the spotted fingernails, you’d hear a candy apple-red glisten and matching crystals glued to the tips.

The Evil Queen in CND’s imagination is like a hybrid between the mirror-obsessed stepmother in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Alice in Wonderland’ s Queen of Hearts. Notice the dagger-pierced nerve( far right) and the gold and silver-tongued nails on the left — both of which were inspired by shattered reflect glass.

Photographed by Madison Voelkel.

This nail was created with real fragments of glass painted in gold polish.

Photographed by Madison Voelkel.

The model lucky enough to wear the “bleeding heart” nails( who the hell is made of jelly ruby-red polish with foil specks molded inside) likewise wore an accent nail pierced by a dagger…

…And another nail in black polish that holds a miniature mirror.

There’s even one set of fingernails coated in amber featuring the mirror’s face from the Disney film.

Since Ursula is the sea witch who snatches souls and personal, under-the-sea riches, it was only fitting to embellish her tentacle chrome nails — which were created via 3-D printer — with real seashells painted in gold shellac.

Although every fingernail the CND decorators made is riddled with detail, it’s Ursula’s sinister collection that stunts the hardest. The microscopic details( glossy foams made from gel and ornaments glued to look like deep-sea wealth) were scarcely detectable to the eyes searching the runway from the front row.

But the the piece de resistance of Ursula’s manicure is this ring created to look like her octopus-like tentacles.

Photographed by Madison Voelkel.

Winner of Nails Next Top Artist season 3, Winnie Huang established the ring( that truthfully appears as delicate as blown glass) by wrapping pieces of clay around a pen, painting it in a CND gel top coat, and curing it underneath a gel manicure lamp until it was entirely translucent.

It’s a sweet bonus that Huang installed a flash, color-changing light on the inside of the clay so it appears that Ursula’s heart is beating.

The most striking peculiarity on Sleeping Beauty ‘s Maleficent is her cornets. Naturally, the team recreated the iconic look in a fingernail that, frankly, we’re considering imitating for Halloween.

Dubbed Aurora’s Curse, this orange and green nail represent the evil queen’s expletive, which she cast on the needle that Princess Aurora pricked her thumb with just before falling into a deep sleep.

Photographed by Madison Voelkel.

Aside form the primary rascals, The Blonds also included Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog in the demonstrate, represented by these slime light-green and purple nails practically dripping in evil.

Photographed by Madison Voelkel.

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