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Beauty Blog 101: Makeup Affiliate Programs to Help Get You Started

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Strictly Speaking: Week 11

Musicals Week! The quarter-finals! All to play for on this jazz hands depict, and the combination of high-stakes rival and rampant theming produced … mixed ensues. Some dances fit beautifully with their hymns, others were swallowed whole- and the judges continued to be consistent only in their inconsistency. Now, I’ve …

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FIFA 2018 World Cup Full Detailed Analysis

FIFA 2018 World Cup is now over with France emerging as the champ formerly gain. The World cup finals, a 32 -team event, pits the survivors of anexhausting regional qualification schedule against each other. Elite football nations such as Italy, Chile and the Netherlands, as well as the United States …

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4 ways to renew an account that’s gone dark

Do you hear that? It’s the deafening silence of another churned customer. Don’t they know you care? Couldn’t you have saved them? Perhaps. But account handling is like a game of cat-and-mouse: Customers merely surface when they need something. And when it’s time to renew, they’re often nowhere to be …

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Pre-employment testing: pros and cons

It’s been more than 50 years since companies started employing pre-employment experimenting. Despite some indication that personality is little is attributable to job performance, personality experiments are a multi-million dollar industry. Companies likewise use other types of tests like cognitive ability tests and skills appraisals which have helped corporations retain …

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