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How to Do a Law Firm Conflicts Check

Our rules of professional conduct dictate that we comprise certain information in confidence. We hold that confidence to the exclusion of all others, and can even fight a subpoena to protect our patrons’ secrets. Similarly, we take an oath to zealously advocate for our clients. In a perfect world, these …

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A Pop Of Color For Spring

TGIF! So sorry for the lack of posts the coming week! I had an internet outage in my apartment! It took 5 technicians allllll week to fix, but now it’s ultimately up and running! I truly missed writing and sharing updates with you this week. Exciting News I used the …

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The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas

If you’ve ever get stuck in a blog rut–you’re not alone. Coming up with weekly blog post minds starts to get hard, specially if you have a small crew. We’ve all hit that content brick wall and is believed to be ourselves–“there’s only good-for-nothing left to post about.” At DigitalMarketer, …

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Beauty Blog 101: Makeup Affiliate Programs to Help Get You Started

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Strictly Speaking: Week 11

Musicals Week! The quarter-finals! All to play for on this jazz hands depict, and the combination of high-stakes rival and rampant theming produced … mixed ensues. Some dances fit beautifully with their hymns, others were swallowed whole- and the judges continued to be consistent only in their inconsistency. Now, I’ve …

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