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White woman points gun at Black Amazon delivery driver

A new video circulating social media is adding to the list of things Black people apparently can’t do in the United State without being perceived as a threat.

A Black man who was reportedly delivering parcels for Amazon pulled up to one house in his vehicle and started recording after the lily-white woman who lives there came out onto her porch and pointed a grease-gun at him.

https :// www.reddit.com/ r/ worldnewsvideo/ notes/ l7ll27/ woman_points_gun_at_amazon_delivery_driver/

It’s unclear where the video originated, and if any other interaction happened between the two before or after the 20 seconds that have gone viral, but the motorist seems utterly flabbergasted at the turn of events.

“Straight got the gun pointed at me, like what is she doing? ” he requests as the status of women stares him down from across the yard. “Like, what the hell is, bro? ”

Commenters were appalled at the video but seemed less disorient than the driver.

“All she knows for sure is he’s black, ” one Redditor pointed out.

There was also a debate as to whether the item hanging from one of her porch daylights was a dog leash or something intentionally configured to look like a noose.

“Looks like a puppy leash, ” u/ nothing_showing answered to one comment about it. “This bitch does seem like the type to have a noose, however.”

A similar incident had occurred in 2020 when another Black Amazon driver recorded a white man who allegedly simply cut him off and drew a handgun on him because he “felt threatened” by his mere presence–in an Amazon delivery van.

https :// twitter.com/ kaur_jeeto/ status/ 13263288265 7880883 3

And it’s hard-boiled not to compare these events to 2020 ’s most high-profile instance of white people pulling handguns on Black people who simply happen to be near their house–the McCloskeys aiming firearms at Black Lives Matter protestors in St. Louis, Missouri.

That incident triggered a nationwide debate over gun control and what constitutes as “stand your ground.” Some hailed the McCloskeys as heroes, insisting that seeing Black people parading past your home is somehow floors to brandish a weapon for “protection, ” while others belief the incident to be a prime example of both combating racism and why stricter gun laws are necessary.

While the McCloskeys are facing charges for brandishing weapons, it’s unknown if the Amazon delivery driver in the most recent video pressed charges against the woman for pointing her firearm at him, although spate of tribes pointed out that he would be well in his right to do so.

But one of the more shocking revelations to come from this is that Amazon allegedly doesn’t refuse service to people who pull artilleries on their drivers.

“I delivered to a mansion last week and the rabbit( Amazon device for giving) told me in the tones to’ please call/ text patron upon reaching, patron has threatened other motorists with a firearm, ’” claimed u/ skin_peeler.

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