30 Times People Got Busted For Their Crystal-Clear Lies And Others Shared Them In This Group

Nobody is innocent when it comes to exaggerating things we’ve seen, heard, or was attended. Like, that smashing b-day party of yours in an abandoned palace that got everyone talking. Except that it was your uncle’s porch and the only guests were your twin cousins from Wyoming.

We’ve all “re out there”, said and done, but sometimes things proceed from exaggerated to plain made-up in an instant. And there’s a subreddit called r/ thatHappened dedicated alone, as its description says, to “true stories that are 100% true-blue and actually happened.” You get the sarcasm.

As for evidence, the 1.3 million members of the public are sharing screenshots of people lying their hearts out with a straight face. Trust me, the result is totally hilarious.

# 1 Classmate Calls Out Dipsh **

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# 2 It’s True, I Was The Box Of Tampons

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# 3 Ya Cause Being Asleep In Your Car Means You’re In College!

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All humans possess the ability to lie: it’s something we’re born with and we die with. One study published in the Journal of Basic and Applied Social Psychology found that 60 percent of people can’t proceed 10 minutes without telling a lie. At the same time, another study published by the American Psychological Association suggested that lying less was linked to better average health, both mental and physical.

So, why on earth do we lie, then? Well, it turns out that lying offers somewhat of a defense mechanism that helps humans to protect themselves from shame or shame, to avoid being judged, and other negative emotions.

# 4 Baby Boomers, Gosh

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# 5 Ultimate Survival Mode

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# 6 Laced Her Feet And Didn’t Notice

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Lying big-hearted always starts from simple stairs, aka lying small. First, as kids, we learn to tell pro-social lies, like telling your grandma you like that new hand-knit sweater she “ve given you” on Christmas when, in fact, you can’t even look at it.

According to this study from the publication Nature Neuroscience, “when people tell tiny lies, the psyche becomes desensitized to the pang of remorse that dishonesty usually causes.”

The more little pro-lies we give, the less guilt we feel, and the more it snowballs into bigger lies that suddenly become way easier. In some examples, people get so used to falsifying or fabricating things that “theyre starting” belief their lies. At some level, it turns into habit and it becomes incredibly hard to quit for good.

# 7 Forgot To Mention, We Both Have Amnesia

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# 8 Invited To Teach Sex Ed Because Of Immense Experience

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# 9 And The Trainer Was Fired

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#10 And Then, The Vaccines Gave Everyone Autism

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#11 NASA Employee Giving Out Top Secret Info

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#12 What Magazine Has A Full Map And A Picture Of Jesus?

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#13 She Was On Superhearing Cruiselines

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#14 Sorry, What The Hell Did I Just Read?

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#15 Medical Expert Here

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#16 In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle The Lion Claps Tonight

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#17 Delusional Tall Man Thinks Women Openly Drool Over His Phenomenal Height

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#18 This Is Probably The Worst One I Have Ever Seen In The Wild

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#19 And Then Everyone Clapped

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#20 Sure Buddy

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#21 When They Have Exam In Kindergarten

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#22 Didnt Miss A Word

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#23 And Then The Sales Went Up $500%

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#24 Sucking Out The Venom

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#25 Schools Sure Are Conscious Of Students’ Music Tastes Nowadays

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#26 Yeah, Okay Buddy

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#27 Her Bio Says She’s 21

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#28 3-Year-Old Is Wiser Than Us All

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#29 Hmmm

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#30 Then Everyone Ripped Off Their Masks And Bras

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