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‘Look how happy she is’: Man shares updates on puppy he kept after woman threw it at him

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There’s a touching follow-up to the viral video indicate a woman throwing a puppy at a Black man.

A brand-new Instagram photo and tale serials depict the puppy , now called “Movie, ” in the affectionate hands of the man( @mulaflare) who rescued her.

A friend filming an update called the young man a “true hero.”

“Look at how happy she is, ” the friend says, as @mulaflare comprises and pets her. “Look at that tail.”

In another video, @mulaflare appears to be giving her a soak.

https :// www.reddit.com/ r/ PublicFreakout/ statements/ j8tvie/ a_follow_up_to_the_video_going_viral_of_the_crazy/

https :// www.instagram.com/ p/ CGL6b 1XlvuH/

@mulaflare also set up a GoFundMe, with the initial objective of $3,000, to take care of the puppy’s immediate needs and ongoing care. Because of the viral video, and people wanting to ensure the puppy has a high-quality life, the fundraiser was fully secured in less than eight hours. The user also started an Instagram account for Movie, where she has already amassed over 150,000 followers.

The original occurrence occurred on Oct. 9., with the man on the receiving culminate of a woman’s apparent racist attack. In the midst of her haunt down the three men, she shed the puppy at him.

A subsequent update showed that the rescued puppy is now in loving hands.

https :// twitter.com/ deityjas/ status/ 13148605785 8273280 0? s= 20

Despite rumors on Twitter, it is unknown if the woman, who may have been suffering from mental health issues, was determined or charged with animal brutality.

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