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Black Lives Matter Comes to Vidor—Yes, Vidor

Vidor protests“Vidor, Texas, ” boomed the Reverend Michael Cooper, thin and tall in his cowboy hat, “will now be known for love! ” The crowd, assembled at a dilapidated pavilion on the grounds of Vidor’s Raymond Gould Community Center, cheered. Vidor has been known for many things–among them the activities of the neighbourhood Ku Klux Klan; its status as a “sundown town, ” in which blacks were not allowed in city limits after dark; and an ugly oppose in the early nineties over a federal effort to desegregate public housing in the city, which induced Texas Monthly, in a cover story that time, to describe Vidor as Texas’s “most hate-filled town.” The census calculates it to be 91 percent white-hot. So when term started to circulate that a Black…View Original Post

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