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‘Why haven’t you shut down the border?’: inside Trump’s White House

How the president’s reckless fixation on migration threatened to shatter democracy. By Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig

‘I alone can fix it.” On 21 July 2016, as he accepted the Republican presidential nomination in Cleveland, Ohio, Donald John Trump spoke more than 4,000 words, but these five would soon become the tenet by which he would lead the nation.

That night, Trump stood by himself at the centre of Quicken Loans Arena on an raised stage, which he had helped to design. A massive screen framed in gold soared behind him, projecting a magnified picture of himself together with 36 American pennants. This was a masculine, LED manifestation of his own self-image. His speech was dark and dystopian. He offered himself to the American people as their sole hope for renewal and redemption. Past presidential nominees had expressed humility, extolled shared values and summoned their countrymen to unite to accomplish what they could only achieve together. But Trump spoke, instead, of “I”.

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