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12 Favorite Kale Salads (Plus, How to Make the Best Kale Salad!)

how to make kale salad plus tips

Why do I adoration kale salads? For starters, they’re a great pack-for-lunch option. Dressed kale salads maintain well in the fridge for a couple of days, unlike most salads shaped with more delicate light-greens.

Secondly, kale salads are packed full of nutrients and fiber thanks to the kale and complementary produce. Did you know that just one cup of kale offerings over two times the quantity of Vitamin A you need in one day? It’s no wonder I feel like Wonder Woman after I feed a giant kale salad.

How to chop kale salad

Last but not least, kale salads are perfect for when you’re in the feeling for a big meal but don’t want to feel weighed down afterward. They’re especially great during and after the holidays–whether you’ve overindulged in cookies or need a hearty option to offer vegetarians.

There is a right and a wrong way to shape kale salad. Kale salads should be dense and delicious , not bitter, poky or difficult to eat. I’m doing my part to spread the news by sharing my best kale salad gratuities below. You’ll likewise find 12 of my favorite kale salad recipes. Kale salads to the rescue!

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