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Take Security Up a Notch By Adding LEDs

All computers are vulnerable to attacks by viruses or black hats, but there are lots of steps that can be taken to reduce risk. At the extreme end of the range is having an ” air-gapped ” computer that doesn’t connect to a network at all, but this isn’t a guarantee that it won’t get attacked. Even carrying records to the computer with a USB drive can be risky under certain circumstances, but thanks to some LED brightness that[ Robert Fisk] has on his drive, this attack vector can at least be monitored.

Using a USB drive with a single LED that crystallizes during a speak OR write procedure is fairly common, but since it’s possible to transfer malware unknowingly via USB drives, one that has a separate LED specifically for writing functionings will help alert a user to any write operations that might be trying to fly under the radar. A recent section by[ Bruce Schneier ] point out here that this flaw in USB drives, and[ Robert] was up to the challenge. His build returns more power to the user by showing them when their drive is accessed and in what mode, which can also be used to discover unique quirks of one’s opt operating system.

[ Robert] is pretty very well known USB drives and their ups and downs as well. A couple of years ago he built a USB firewall that was able to decrease the likelihood of BadUSB-type attacks. Be careful going down the rabbit pit of machine protection, though, or you will start seeing potential strikes hidden almost everywhere.

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