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Viral Conjunctivitis – Feeling Extremely Hopeless

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tl ;d r – Is it normal to have’ viral conjunctivitis’ for 9+ periods ?! 🙁

NSFL – https :// imgur.com/ a/ 9aiELr3( the gunk next to the swollen-headed eye is from the discharge drying up) – Is this really bad or about median for this infection?

I woke up on 10/31 with a pink left eye, I went to the Physician’s Assistant who said it was bacterial and gave me Moxifloxacin eye plummets. Using it for a few cases periods didn’t help – my eye was now actually red, eyelid distend, clear discharge( which dehydrated on my skin with a white-hot residue ), and I had blurry eyesight in this eye.

I went to the ER on 10/3 because I determined no improvement from the antibiotic. The ER doctor diagnosed it as something viral( Herpes was ruled out) and I was forwarded to an Ophthalmologist. The Ophthalmologist stirred said it was viral conjunctivitis on 11/4, asked me to use artificial rips, stop using Moxifloxacin, and to wait it out. I felt desperate on 11/6, went to a second ophthalmologist who established the same diagnosis.

Since, my privilege eye is also a bit pink but not as much. My left eye is actually red, and my left eyelid is REALLY swollen.

I’m anxious, I’ve been under self-imposed house arrest, and I simply want to know it’ll get better.

I genuinely hope I’ve not been misdiagnosed( trachoma, herpes) and this will go away soon imparted it’s been more than 9 periods. Please tell me it’ll be alright! 🙁 🙁

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