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‘Were we chased by a Hellhound?’

I belief my husband and I saw a Hellhound.We live in rural northern Idaho. And we both hunting. So we know everything about swine, even in pitch darkness.We don’t have normal plumbing. We have to turn on an electric well each morning to fill it up. Our tank can last us three to four days, but we like it filled, just in case. There are other tanks like that scatter in the timbers. Simply waiting for someone to buy the land and build a home.We were taking a walk and it got dark so we went back home. However on our course dwelling we saw something , not human or animal, near one the well. It was hunched over like it was eating. We march carefully closer, about 20 paws from this thing. Trying to figure out what it is. To large for a stray hound or wolf and to small-minded for a bear. But what ever it was, it looked at us with cherry-red eyes. I’ve never been more scared in my life. My husband is scared of nothing and he was scared to. We took off moving. My God we never led so fast in our lives.It did chase for a while, then it just disappeared. We got to our house and it was just gone. We knew it was behind us when we left the timbers, but we couldn’t see it. We locked all the windows and door that night.We talk to one of the city neighbourhoods about the thing we find. He showed us a picture of a Hellhound. He told us stories about people meet the Hellhound in the same area. Ever near a well, streets, crossroads, or regions of demise. Seeing him formerly will bring us happiness, ensure him twice will bring us sorrow, and verifying him three times will bring us death.I don’t know what we recognize, but Hellhound is the only explanation. DL ********** Tribe Shaman Clears LocationWhen I was in college, I lives in a dormitory for Native students. It was the first multicultural house in the Greek Village, and we were so proud. About 9 of us lived there. The college is dependent upon our tribe’s old-fashioned wintering soils, and the school had disposed of things in a somewhat shady course back in the 70 s and 80 s.Anyway, over the first few months we lived there, several of us noticed strange things. We weren’t comfortable by ourselves. We’d learn black people shapes out of the corners of our eyes. Somebody even swore they had a conversation with me, when I wasn’t in the chamber of representatives. They said the “me” was a bit off and unoccupied and strange, but they couldn’t figure out why. This happened with a few of us. Things were being smashed and misplaced. We would hear strange wind noises sometimes.We ultimately went to someone in our tribe who be dealing with things like this. He came and cleared the chamber of representatives with tobacco and water. We prayed, and cleansed ourselves. Two of us stayed in the house while “hes working”. I distinctly remember him treading through the darkened living room, opening the door, and hearing what voiced like a hurricane superstar through the room very quickly. Then it was over. Turns out it wasn’t malevolent or anything. Just something that had attached itself to the land. We never had any problems after the cleansing. RD ********** Slenderman/ Gumby Demon? Obviously Slenderman is a creepy pasta but this isn’t slender man. There’s a farm behind my home, separated by a canal. The farm stretches maybe about 1000 paws back before it hits a tree line. A couple few weeks ago, I was eating dinner and was staring out at the farm. It was perhaps 20 minutes until nightfall. I checked what looked like a really tall, gray version of Gumby walk out of the tree line, take two really large lunges, then disappear back into the tree line. It was much too tall to be a person. The next night, at the same time, the same exact thing happened except my parents were with me. I asked them if they meet that and they just said “saw what? “. Then it happened AGAIN the third night. So either my torso its giving me random hallucinations in sync with my figures occasion clock or there’s some bizarre Slender-Gumby demon living on the farm behind my home. I haven’t been home much recently so I haven’t been able to look for it again but if I’m able to, I’m gonna try and take a picture. I don’t know how well that will work given the distance that I see it, but I can try. AnonymousThursday, 31 October 2019 – Halloween ET Conference 8: 00 p.m.- 9:30 p.m. There will be presentations at the center on the “ET Presence on Earth” by Dr. Keller, Jennifer Schwartz-Flack, Synergy Springs Associate Keith A. Medley, and many other contemporary contactees. In addition, representatives of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s Paranormal Search organization will be on hand to provide an update on supernatural activity throughout the state and accumulate reported cases of such, if any. There will be an open flooring for testimonies of alien contact. Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer has stated that are at least 80 species of extraterrestrials controlling clandestinely here on Earth. They have augmented their numbers substantially on our planet since the late 1940 s, when the United States and the Soviet Union originated the atomic age and later began to send rockets into outer space. There will be door prizes at the conclusion of the presentations.At 9:30, the conference of the parties will depart the centre for human rights and move to Field Location# 1 on Jennifer’s farm for the UFO Skywatch and Extraterrestrial Halloween Costume Party. Her farm has been recognized as a portal for flying saucer activity and is found at 7 2nd Avenue in nearby Scottdale, Pennsylvania. There are also nearby Native American burial grounds in addition to naturally-occurring underground springs. The revelries at Jennifer’s property will begin with a costume judging to be conducted by Jennifer, Keith and Cosmic Ray to determine who will become the predominate King and Queen of Uses of outer space. There will be prizes for the wins. Afterwards, a group attempt will follow to reach out telepathically to the space people buzzing overhead. Music from outer space will likewise be playing in the background.For additional questions, bellow Jennifer at the Synergy Springs Soul Center, telephone( 724) 953 -9 733; or send an e-mail to serenity8 675302 @gmail. com. If you would like to communicate with the Cosmic ray or to planned a Venus presentation for your golf-club or organization, you can e-mail him at rkeller1 @mix. wvu.edu.Buzz Light Year and Woody the Cowboy visit the Cosmic Ray’s Venus table at the West Virginia Great Outdoors Convention, Saturday, 7 September 2019, in Kingwood, WV. As to the upcoming Hoshi Star Borne Illumination Conference and ET Halloween Costume Party on Thursday, 31 October 2019, Jennifer wondered if any of those in costume might themselves really be extraterrestrials. “After all, ” she opined, “Is there any better way for an ET to infiltrate a UFO conference? ” ********** Hey folks…this will be my merely post today. I’m investigating a private palace in Gettysburg this afternoon and evening. Thanks. Lon ********** Arcane Radio is LIVE on the Paranormal King Radio Network or the direct relate at Mixlr – Paranormal KingFacebook event announcement: Carlyn Beccia – Author/ Illustrator/ Speaker – Arcane RadioJoin me as I welcome author, illustrator and talker Carlyn Beccia to Arcane Radio. Carilyn has recently published ‘Monstrous: The Lore, Gore, and Science Behind your Favorite Monsters, ‘ a fascinating encyclopedia of monsters that delves into the history and science behind eight legendary men, from Bigfoot and the Kraken to zombies and more. It is a highly visual and fun-to-browse book for children and adults as well. This was Carlyn’s 10 th published name. “Shes been” the beneficiary of many prestigious literary and book illustration bestows. Her website can be found at www.carlynbeccia.com – This should be a very entertaining demonstrate! Join us this Friday, October 18 th at 9PM ET/ 6PM PT on ParanormalKing.com or the direct relate at Mixlr – Paranormal King – Meet us in the chat room…just click the banner or go to www.paranormal.olicentral.com. You are invited to join the Phantoms& Monsters chat& discussion portal at Phantoms& Monsters discussion& chat server, which will be active during the showListen to our podcasts at Arcane Radio on Podbean or on my YouTube channel. You can also listen to the podcasts at Arcane Radio on Stitcher – iOS, Android and the Webplayer. Please consider becoming an Arcane Radio patron. Thanks…Lon ********** Hey folks…I would just like to ask you to consider a donation to Phantoms& Monsters. Yes, I do receive some monies through books and advertising…but it is not always enough to cover expenses – which include my Google advertising expenditures, Arcane Radio fees, experiment access to private databases, etc. If you are interested in helping out, you can use the PayPal donation buttons on the blog and newsletter or go direct to PayPal.com and use my email lonstrickler @phantomsandmonsters. com as the recipient. Thanks for your continued support. Lon ********** Hey folks…some of the team members at Phantoms& Monsters Fortean Research are contemplating personal/ speaking looks in south center Pennsylvania and north central Maryland. These occurrences will be attended by at least 2 of our investigative squad. It can be promoted occurrences, paranormal group meetings, etc. We will NOT charge any appearing fees, but do petition that our journals and other items be available for sale at the event. I’m interested in your thoughts on this proposal? If you have an event for us to consider, please contact me at 410 -2 41 -5 974 or my email lonstrickler @phantomsandmonsters. com ********** ********** TODAY’S TOP LINKSFormer Skinwalker Personnel Suspect They Were Unwitting Research SubjectsPeople Who Vanished Into Thin Air at the Michigan TriangleAliens, Swinging Fun& Secret SurveillanceArchaeologists Were Excavating A Hidden Tomb When They Found The Body Of An Ancient Chinese WarlordFormer NASA scientist says they found life on Mars in the 1970 sKaty Elizabeth – ‘Champ Search’ Field Researcher – Arcane Radio on PodbeanKaty Elizabeth – ‘Champ Search’ Field Researcher – Arcane Radio on YouTube‘Phantoms& Monsters’ Daily Archive at Mix.com – Over 4K posts! – Updated and adding daily – Make sure to bookmark‘Phantoms& Monsters’ Fortean Archive at Flipboard – Top Pre-2 016 posts – Make sure to bookmarkChicago& Regional Winged Humanoid/ Flying Entity Sightings& EncountersChicago& Regional Winged Humanoid/ Flying Entity Sightings& Encounters Interactive MapPA Upright Canine/ Dogman Witness Sightings MapPhantoms& Monsters Fortean Research/ Pennsylvania Lycan Investigations/ Bigfoot& Sasquatch/ Upright Canines& Dogman ********** RECOMMENDED BOOKSFlying Serpents and Dragons: The Story of Mankind’s Reptilian PastSlenderman: From Fiction to FactUnexplained World of the Chestnut Ridge: A Hike through the Goblin Universe of Western PennsylvaniaThe PK Man: A True-life Story of Mind Over MatterMore Encounters with Star People: Urban American indian Tell their StoriesLon’s Suggested Reading List – Books& Films/ DVDsSubscribe to the Phantoms& Monsters/ Arcane Radio YouTube channel **********

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