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David Lee Roth announces 2020 Las Vegas residency

If anyone was meant to perform a Las Vegas residency, it’s David Lee Roth. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen when the Van Halen vocalist takes over the House of Blue at Mandalay Bay in 2020.

Roth, who has always brought a lounge-like flair to his concerts, has booked nine Sin City proves in January and March. The first dates of” David Lee Roth: Boulders VEGAS” will take place January 8th, 10 th, and 11 th, while the following set of dates are March 18 th, 20 th, 21 st, 25 th, 27 th, and 28 th.

According to a press release, Roth will be performing a” changing specify of 26 instantly recognizable carols, including’ Jump ‘,’ Panama ‘, and’ California Girls ‘.” In addition, the indicate will feature a” an explosive, two-guitar sound, for the first time ever, bringing his long list of mega familiar reaches to life that you’ve merely heard on the radio till now .”

Not so sure what they mean by” only heard on the radio till now” — unless they are assuming that no one who has seen Van Halen or David Lee Roth live will attend the shows.

Either way, Diamond Dave clears everything is up with this statement:” A weekend with me is interactive way beyond only music. It starts with the best food on earth. The fellas smoke their three cigarettes for its first year and we all stay up way past our bedtime! ”

Tickets for” David Lee Roth: Rock-and-rolls VEGAS” go on sale this Saturday, September 14 th, and start at $63.50 plus costs. You are also welcome to get tickets here.

Watch DLR ham it up in a promo and podcast for the residency below.

David Lee Roth: Rock-and-rolls VEGAS 2020 Residency Dates: January 8th, 10 th, 11 th March 18 th, 20 th, 21 st, 25 th, 27 th, 28 th

David Lee Roth announces 2020 Las Vegas residency Spencer Kaufman

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