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Teen magazine rolls out concerning social media series: ‘How to Get an Abortion if You’re a Teen’

Teen Vogue has introduced a brand-new social media series targeted toward teens.

The name of the serial is “How to Get an Abortion if You’re a Teen.”

What are the details?

The serial, which was initially published in the magazine’s

June issue, explains to its readers how adolescents should go about get abortions.

Some of the relevant recommendations includes how to get past parents if an abortion is necessary, and how to talk to their parents about a looming abortion.

Pro-life counsel Laura Klassen shared screenshots of the serial on her Facebook page, writing, “This is how Teen Vogue operates on Snapchat. Just so you are aware. This is what they’re telling your daughters.”

What else?

Teen Vogue contributor Nona Willis Aronowitz wrote the original article after a teen penned a letter asking the store how to obtain an abortion without, perhaps, her parents’ permission.

The unnamed teen wrote, “I’m 16, I’m pregnant, and I don’t want to be. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to get an abortion without my parents’ permission, but I’m really scared to tell them because they are both against abortion. What should I do? ”

Aronowitz has been possible to associate, as she was able to terminate a possible pregnancy when she was just 15 years old.

“I haunted over a potential unplanned pregnancy to my best friend over the phone, ” Aronowitz wrote. “I knew for sure I didn’t crave a child, and I was raised with very little shame around sex.”

Aronowitz’s mothers signed it on her obtaining the morning-after pill.

“I’m here to tell you that you have nothing to be ashamed of. Collisions can happen even to the most careful among us, ” Aronowitz was reported in her response. “And it’s only logical that if teens are mature enough to become parents, they are mature enough to decide whether or not they want to give birth.

“Having access to abortion is required to be your privilege, regardless of your parents’ beliefs, ” Aronowitz added, going on to explain the teen’s legal rights.

“There is a legal alternative in 36 states that would let you get an abortion without parental approval called a judicial bypass procedure — an infantilizing holdup to which nobody should have to resort, ” Aronowitz clarified.

“Seeking out an empathetic authority figure will induce “youre feeling” less alone and help you process your excitements, ” Aronowitz added, “because everybody enjoys someone who’s had an abortion. Including you.”

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