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She went on Fox News to expose the conditions in West Baltimore, and now she’s under SIEGE from hackers, media, trolls

Republican strategist, Baltimore activist, and political commentator Kimberly Klacik is under siege Sunday after she shared video on Fox News Saturday morning show the conditions in an area of Baltimore within Elijah Cummings’ congressional territory.

The lamentable conditions she depicted, and the segment’s framing – which characterized the commonwealth of Cummings district as far more unlivable and objectionable than those at border detention facilities against which Cummings recently raged — inspired the Trump tweet thread that has predominated the news ever since.

Despite Klacik being Baltimore-based , not to mention that she’s a woman of colouring, as the media would set it were she a Democrat, the left is going after her. So much for those woke sensibilities.

As punishment for her proving actual video from the district in question, the press, hackers, and everyday trolls are after Klacik, she explained via Twitter, and currently in force. On Saturday afternoon, she wrote that there appeared to be an effort to publish a “hit piece” about her, meant to harm her or her reputation.

Later that night, the hackers tried their own game.

On Sunday, she explained more. “I’ve received countless emails, calls& text claiming my “hit piece” is on the way, ” wrote Klacik, referring to that apparent attempt she’d posted about on Saturday ..

But she also said it wouldn’t stop her.

As for the trolls, you really don’t want to know what they’re saying. But if you insist, only do a hunting on Twitter.

All of this is retribution for her segment on Fox News, which was the impetus for Trump’s Twitter rant about Elijah Cummings.

Here is that segment.

Klacik reported on a real situation. It’s one that has been remarked upon by liberal and republican politicians alike, and has been written about by the mainstream press for years. The troubles in Baltimore are real, the conditions in the areas she visited are appalling. However Trump handled it, there is simply no the reasons for how the left is handling Klacik.

But it’s not like it doesn’t match our anticipations of them, is it?

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