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Cosplay Photo Shoot with Huge Fake Rifle Prompts Public Warning

A cosplay photo shoot on a California beach has motivated a public caution from the local Sheriff’s Office after worried beachgoers informed authorities that someone was carrying around a large rifle.

According to KRON4, the incident took place at Seacliff State Beach in Monterey Bay on July 3rd. In depicts taken by spectators, you can see the woman and a photographer walking along the beach, toting a large and extremely ominous looking rifle.

In response to the incident, the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office clarified that carrying any firearm, even a fake one, out on a public beach is a bad idea.” As we’ve seen in the picture they’re walking around having a good time with what they know may be a fake firearm ,” said Sgt. Dee Baldwin,” but our responding policemen don’t have any idea what they’re walking into .”

You can see the full news report below 😛 TAGEND

While the Sheriff’s Office didn’t get into the neighbourhood laws involving replication handguns, it’s important to note that many districts, including the entire state of California, do not allow you to” openly display or disclose any imitation firearm in a’ public place'” unless said firearm is “entirely transparent” or shall be included in” certain bright colours .”

It might seem like common sense, but it’s best if you leave your massive sham rifle at home if you’re planning to take photos on a public beach.

( via KRON4 via DPReview)

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