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3 Strategies to Create Customer Intimacy at Scale

As nice as new produces are, clients are the most important resource your label has. Customer loyalty is one of the best objectives a company can aim for since it not only shows you’re doing your work well but is also a big driver of earnings. 61% of clients go out of their route to buy from brands they feel loyal to, and 75% recommend them to others. Not to mention, customers that feel an emotional connection to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value.

In a crowded marketplace, where all your challengers are vying for attention from your target audience, earning customer loyalty is a challenge. You need to find a way to build a unique and personal linkage with each of your patrons. For smaller businesses, presenting each patron individualized attention can create intimacy. But the more your business develops, the harder it becomes to create that individualized connect with all customers you have.

You can still create customer intimacy as a large business, you just have to get creative. Here’s how:

1. Personalize your product provides

Most of these discussions around personalization is all about marketing. But you can bring personalization to your products as well.

One of the features the messaging platform Intercom offers is custom-built bots that customers can tailor to the exact needs of their business. Instead of provide a one-size-fits-all solution, they allow clients to input the two categories and answers their clients care about to automate personalized conversations with website visitors. This shapes for both a customized solution for Intercom customers and a personalized experience for their website visitors.

Intercom chat bot example

2. Send creative, personalized direct mail

A couple of years ago, direct mail may have seemed on its way out, but as online marketing grows most competitive, physical mail has become a way to be noticed. Valassis research shows that including a direct mail component in your marketing leads to an average 6% raising in sales.

However, there’s still a challenge to overcome. People receive so much junk mail, it’s tough to find a way to make anything stand out and become memorable.

Here are three effective strategies for nailing the unique factor 😛 TAGEND Personalize your direct mail

Direct mail services now let you personalize mail with variable data printing. Maps4Mail does a clever version of this–you already have the recipient’s address, why not use that to send them a custom map to seeing how to get from their region to its term of office or event?

Maps4Mail Personalized Mail Example

Send objects rather than paper

We all get a stack of junk mail almost every time they check the mail, but we ever notice the 3D objects. Commercial sound production house GGRP memorably transmitted a cardboard phonograph that actually played the sample record they included as a path to promote their services to ad agencies. You can bet recipients took notice!

Combine the two with a personalized gift

The phonograph was smart, but could it ought to have established more personal? You can go a step further by sending an object personalized to your customer’s taste. If you have hundreds of customers to reach, that may sound unrealistic, but it’s not anymore!

Paper Magazine turning now to Prazely to instantly send over 100 personalized endows to collaborators, based on the interests that Prazely’s AI identified from their social media profiles. For instance, clients who shared their adore of cocktails online received a glass shaker and bourbon bears.

Prazely personalied gift example

3. Host customer occurrences

Tech tools have done a lot to enable greater personalization, but the most direct path to friendship is still meeting someone in person. That’s hard for a company with an international audience, but you can still coordinate courses for people from your company to meet with clients directly.

Set up events like lunch and learns or customer appreciation dinners in each metropoli where you have a location, or when your representatives visit a brand-new metropolitan for a meeting or business trip. Or proceed big-hearted and host a discussion that brings hundreds of your customers together.

In-person events provide opportunities to get to know some of the faces and personalities behind the differences between reports your corporation depends on. And just as importantly, lets them get to know the human beings behind your brand.

Most of us can think of labels we have a real, emotional connection with. Even if another label is available with a lower rate or greater accessibility, we’re likely to stick with the one we have positive associations with. Creating customer intimacy is how you become that brand for your customers and earn that kind of loyalty.

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