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iPhone SE 2 release date, news, price and leaks

Update: WWDC 2019, Apple& apos; s yearly festivity of its hardware and software, is drawing near, and with it comes a chance of hearing about Apple& apos; s new affordable iPhone.

That& apos; s not to say we definitely will hear about the device – far from it, and we& apos; re not maintaining our breath. We were hoping to see the iPhone SE 2 at last year& apos; s WWDC, but not only was it not present, Apple likewise didn& apos; t prove its iPad Pro range, so we could see Apple start to pull mobile hardware from the show.

Saying that, it& apos; s still possible that Apple would launch its affordable iPhone now if it wants to avoid taking the spotlight from the new iPhone 11 later in the year, so never say never.

The iPhone SE 2 is one of the tech world& apos; s great& apos; will it, won& apos; t it& apos; saga. Rumored to be on, then off, then on and then off again, there& apos; s now plenty to suggest that the iPhone SE cable is dead altogether now.

We& apos; re not certain, but during the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR divulge, Apple drew all mention of the iPhone SE from its internet site, suggesting that( with the XR now inhabiting its& apos; affordable& apos; slot ), we& apos; ll never check a brand-new SE in Apple stores ever again.

Instead, what we& apos; ll probably get is an iPhone XR 2 – a phone with a budget( by Apple standards) rate, but a much bigger screen than the iPhone SE. In other words, we might just have to accept that the days of premium compact phones are over.

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We& apos; ll still continue to monitor iPhone SE 2 divulges, as we have for years, in cases where the rumor mill continues to churn out tiny nuggets of hope. For the time being however, take all the dainties of info below now with a huge pinch of salt.

Brand-new iPhones: iPhone XR | iPhone XS | iPhone XS Max iPhone SE 2 liberate date

We didn& apos; t get the brand-new iPhone SE 2 at WWDC 2018, despite rumors hinting it may turn up there, and nothing at the 2018 iPhone event, either.

However, 11 variants of an Apple device did cross the Eurasian Economic Commission database. Apple& apos; s Eurasian filings have outed important products before, including the AirPods, and it generally portends new gadgets one to two months ahead of time.

Another rumor added that the iPhone SE 2 was likely to enter mass production in the first quarter of 2018, which was in the right time frame for a September arrival.

But here “were just” 2019 and the phone hasn& apos; t launched. We& apos; ve likewise not heard anything since on production, so there& apos; s no clear indication if the iPhone SE 2 production process ever get off the floor.

Meanwhile, prominent industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo didn& apos; t believe Apple had the capabilities required to make an iPhone SE 2 in 2018.

At the time Kuo said, “with three new examples in the pipeline for the second half of 2018, we believe Apple may have used up its development resources.”

It doesn& apos; t sound like he& apos; s ruling out an iPhone SE 2 in future, but for now there& apos; s no immediate sign of one. We will nonetheless likely get an iPhone XR 2, which is more likely to land in September 2019, approximately a year after the first model.

iPhone SE 2 cost

In words of pricing, if we do envision an iPhone SE 2 launching, it will probably remain Apple& apos; s most affordable iPhone.

The only iPhone SE 2 cost rumor so far points to roughly $450( which will likely carry to PS450, AU $700 given how Apple rates its products worldwide ), which seems believable.

The original iPhone SE launched at $399( PS379, AU $679) for the 16 GB variant. We& apos ;d anticipate the iPhone SE 2 to cost at least as much, and a price rise is likely, but it should still be cheap relative to the rest of Apple& apos; s range, undercutting even the $749/ PS749/ AU $1229 iPhone XR.

iPhone SE 2

The iPhone SE 2 could boast a brand new look

iPhone SE 2 or iPhone XR 2?

We& apos; ll get at iPhone SE 2 rumors below, but first, it& apos; s worth taking a closer look at the phone we& apos; re more likely to see – the iPhone XR 2.

We wouldn& apos; t gues Apple will pass two budget telephone ranges at once, so now that the iPhone XR is here we suppose an iPhone XR 2 is far more likely than an iPhone SE 2.

And while these both slot in at the lower end of Apple& apos; s range, they& apos; re quite different. The iPhone SE has a 4-inch screen and an older fashioned kind ingredient, complete with a home button and large bezels.

The iPhone XR on the other hand has a big 6.1 -inch screen, slim bezels, a notch , no home button and a generally curvier, more modern design. It& apos; s likewise more colorful.

Of those things the main feature that devotees of the iPhone SE are unlikely to be happy about is the big screen. There isn& apos; t much in accordance with the rules of iPhone XR 2 rumors yet, but we wouldn& apos; t expect the screen to get much if any smaller, so it& apos; s not going to please devotees of compact phones.

iPhone SE 2 designing

In terms to seeing how the brand-new iPhone is going to look, well – we& apos; ve got two hypothesis rolling around, and both are possible.

The most popular theory is that the new smaller iPhone will have an iPhone X-like screen, complete with notch at the top 😛 TAGEND

If the iPhone SE 2 does exist, this is how it may look

…but that was before Apple& apos; s 2018 telephones were announced, and with the iPhone XR take that mode for its own, it is considered that the rumor mill has crossed its wires and been sharing information on the now-real handset, as opposes this still-theoretical SE 2.

The rear of the phone was said to pack the same dual cameras as the iPhone X, with a video of a purportedly divulged of the new iPhone SE 2. We& apos; ll leave it here for your pleasure, but the above tones mean its cogency is now genuinely is questioning 😛 TAGEND