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20 DIY Summer Games To Entertain Kids This Weekend

Help yourself to these DIY summer games to induce your outdoor activities and parties more merriment and entertaining for kids and adults alike!

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But first, check out this DIY Chore Chart by Meg! Here’s a clever behavior to keep the kids busy BEFORE the playtime begins.

1. DIY Backyard Bowling

| Build a backyard bowling alley and for sure you’ll be the jealousy of the neighborhood. This is one of the DIY lawn plays who the hell is fun for kids and adults alike.

It is also a great way to practice your pin-squashing abilities without spend money at your local alley.

2. DIY Backyard Ker-Plank Game

| This backyard Ker-Plank game will give children and adults a merriment challenge as they try to remove the sticks without any balls falling out! I’m pretty sure players will have lots of hours challenging each other to see who wins!

3. Dunk Bucket

| Summer is hot and we definitely need to cool down, so why not make a dunk tank? Kids will adoration the anticipation of playing and ultimately getting soaked with this refreshing dunk bucket!

4. Bean Bag Ladder Toss

| Easy to set up and easy to play. All you need is your household ladder and a few cases sheets of article! Children will enjoy throwing bean luggage between the rungs of the ladder to earn as many points as possible.

5. DIY Mud Run

| You’re going to be jealous and wish to be a three-feet tall again with this little obstacle course that is sure to provide long hours of merriment and entertainment! Are you up for the challenge?

6. Blanket Run

| Grab a blanket and a partner who is under 4 paws tall. Attempt to draw your collaborator across the lawn as fast as you possibly can. This blanket run game is simple and fun for a large family get-together!

7. DIY Yard Yahtzee

| Look for some 4×4 wooden cubes and turn them into dice, get a bucket, and prepare to roll! What’s great about this amazing DIY garden Yahtzee? Well, you can extend the fun even after summer!

8. Watch Your Step

This fun yet simple tournament involves musicians having a balloon tied to their ankles. While players run around the play area they will try to burst each other’s balloons employing only their feet.

The musicians who can keep their balloon the longest time is the winner.

9. Outdoor Art

Every kid’s dream: getting to draw all over the walls! Place this huge painted chalkboard up on an outside fence and let your children be blown with their artful inventions!

1 0. Water Balloon Dodgeball

| Dip, Dodge, Duck, Dive, and Dodge! This is pretty self-explanatory: dodgeball, but with water balloons. Need we say more?

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1 1. Frozen T-Shirt Race

| A perfect play on a very hot day. Soak a couple of t-shirt in liquid and set them inside plastic bags, and then keep those shirts in the freezer. Once frozen you can hold your race. The first person who can unfold and wear the Frozen t-shirt wins!

1 2. DIY Lawn Twister

| Turn your lawn into a giant game board with the use of circular stencils and spray paint.

All members of the family will be ready for the challenge. Let realize who best in wriggle ones style!

1 3. DIY Lawn Matching Game

| A great game for the backyard, picnics, and beach journeys. Materials are totally reusable and tutorials include printables, making this the easiest project for the entire season.

1 4. Giant Jenga

| This activity is fun for your children but could also make a really wonderful gift for their own families or friend who enjoys outdoor games for kids. Simply don’t forget to clear the way when the tower begins to fall!

1 5. Rock Dominoes

| Easy and essentially free, a domino set you’ll be using with your family for years and coming years! That’s one unlimited fun you can have for a very long time.

1 6. Ice Block Treasure Hunt

| Your kid would definitely enjoy exploring and experimenting with the ice cube and tools. Turn a basic bathtub of water into an archeological dig!

1 7. Giant Ring Toss And Pool Noodle Target Throwing

| Bring the classic carnival play into your backyard with this giant ring toss and pond noodle target shedding! They’re enjoyable in or out of the water.

1 8. DIY Balloon Dart Board

| If you’re in a creative humor, then fill each balloon with colorful paint and create a piece of art or you can simply fill it with liquid, either way, this balloon dart board game would turn to be an entertainment success.

1 9. DIY Tic Tac Toe Game

| Create an outdoor tic tac toe game to keep your children occupied during camping, backyard barbecues or just for great bonding time.

2 0. Cup Races

| With the assistance of the water-guns propel plastic cups down a line line. These cup races are fun for both young and the young at heart. Let ascertain who’s the better shooter!

Watch this video from Dua Asgerdur for more DIY summer plays to entertain your kids 😛 TAGEND

Now you are able to have unlimited family merriment with these DIY summer games for all to enjoy! Make this summer all the more memorable by expend time outdoors with kids these cool DIY outdoor games.

There’s nothing better than adding a little bit of competitiveness to your family bonding.

Did you enjoy our roll of DIY summer plays? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these play ideas.

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