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A 7 Month Old Feeding Schedule That Works Like A Charm

Here is a tried and true( and adapatable) 7 month old-fashioned feed schedule that’ll help your little one nap well during the day, sleep well at night, and have peaceful days.

I have long said that the 6 to 12 month time is one of my absolute favorites.

Baby is sitting up.


Napping a tad less.

And generally sleeping through the nighttime.( if your baby isn’t, take my free series here .)

It can also be a time of change.

Baby is finally eating solids and it’s likely time to drop that third nap and probably drop the daydream feed if you haven’t already. Baby is getting a little chunkier and craves more food. Actually, this is a precious hour with baby.

7 month old feeding schedule and routine

Before the 7 month old-time feed planned … KNOW THIS

Before I give you what has worked for me as a 7 month old-fashioned feed planned, know this.

Babies at this age need to eat as many solids as they can.

They will be hungry and breast milk alone will no longer be enough. Or, if it is, you’ll be cluster feeding like your 7 month age-old was a newborn.

➡ Pediatricians used to recommend introducing purees or solids at 4 months of age. They now propose 6 months.

➡ So the 5 to 7 month marker generally is necessary that unless newborn is getting a lot of breast milk and whatever solids you give, they will be hungry.

And this will affect their sleeping and their moods.

7 month old feeding schedule and routine

7 Month Old Sample Feeding Schedule

7: 00 am- Wake up, milk, solids for breakfast

8: 00 am- Free play( storey hour, cuddle period with mommy, sibling play-act)

9: 00 am- Nap time

10: 45 or 11:00 am- Wake up, milk, solids

12: 00 pm- Free play( floor time, practicing sitting, endure, pulling up, sibling play)

1: 00 pm- Nap time

3: 00 pm- Wake up, milk, solids

3: 45 pm- Free play( errands, play games with siblings, storey occasion, etc .)

5: 00 pm- Short nap

5: 30 pm- Wake up, milk, solids

6: 15 pm- Bedtime routine( bath, singing, cuddling, putting on lotion, illuminates, draperies, etc .)

7: 00 pm- Quick feed( milk ), and down to bed( you may want to add cluster feeding here too if it matches )

And … if babe isn’t sleeping through the night yet.

10: 00 pm- Dreamfeed

7 month old feeding schedule for moms with a good routine Note: If your newborn wakes up earlier or later than this procedure, you can simply adjust based on your baby’s wake time. The wake time is actually very important in a baby’s day to period routine. If newborn wakes early from a nap, yet is content, don’t push up the feeding. Leave it until normal time unless baby is clearly hungry.

Get down familiar rhythms and procedures throughout your day. These cannot be understated for babies.( here is more on family rhythms and routines)

7 month old feeding schedule with routine

Weaning From Nighttime Feeds

If your newborn is still not sleeping through the nighttime, then this is a great time to start helping them do so.

Solids and milk throughout the day will help them to fill their bellies and get in the necessary nutrients that’ll allow them to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

It is actually one of the best periods to begin sleep training since baby is naturally a lot less likely to wake if hunger was their primary reason for waking.

Imagine baby needs 10 bowls( to establish things even) of milk and/ or food a period. We know all babies are different, but go with me here.

If you are currently giving your baby 5 cups of milk and 2 cups of food during the day, that foliages a 3 bowl deficit.

This signifies baby will probably wake up at night to get in the full 10 beakers he needs.

The best way to wean?

To give them all they need during the day so they don’t need to wake for it at night.

7 month old schedule and routine for families

A Dream Feed Might Work For You

If your newborn is still feeding a few times per nighttime then you may want to start doing something called a Dream Feed.

Dream Feed: A feed passed between 10 and 11 ish at night that should help baby sleep a longer stretch, eventually until the morning wake time.

Try feeding baby as much as possible during this feed and weaning babe from other nighttime feeds until eventually the dream feed is the only feed left.

After baby has slept until the morning with merely the dream feed for a few weeks, then it’s safe to fell the dreaming feed.

At that degree, baby should be sleeping all through the darknes.

7 month old feeding schedule that'll help him through the night

7 Month Old Schedule Interesting Tidbits

Here are some interesting things to note or be maintained in brain during this 7 month period.

Newborns will likely be able to sleep through the nighttime at this age if they’re eating well enough. Not only are they getting breast milk they are getting solids. Here’s where you’ll discover if your child didn’t sleep through the darknes out of hunger, or if they have some sleep props you need to work on.

Baby might behave uninterested in solids, that’s fine. Still, resume offering them and be sure to give them veggies or fruit they like so they will get the nutrients needed.

Introduce solids slowly so you can monitor the baby’s reaction to them. Don’t introduce too many new foods at once. Afford a top up bedtime snack. Right before bunked, give newborn milk and some yogurt or applesauce, etc. to help fill baby’s tummy before they go down for the nighttime.

7 month old feeding schedule and routine for babies

Want A 7 Month Old Feeding Checklist?

Click here and get the 7 month age-old eat schedule checklist sending them to your inbox so you can print it out and get on with it.

Wishing Printables to hang up?

If you crave routines and schedules for not only the 6 to 9 month age, but for the 12 month, 18 month, and on I’ve get great news. I’ve generated a book chock full of routines that work.

Routines that stop babes well rested, happy, and content. Routines that account for all the things you need to do and they are mom tested. The best part?

The book comes with printable procedures( 3 choices for each age) that you can hang up and use!

So instead of having to reinvent the wheel every few months, you’ll have tried and true mom tested routines right at your fingertips.

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