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Best Practices For Your Pinterest Business Account with Kim Vij


This episode of “The Manly Pinterest Tips Show” has something for anyone who is using, or is thinking of using, a business account on Pinterest.

Our special guest, Kim Vij, is no stranger to this platform. Kim joined behavior back when Pinterest was still private and found it to be a useful tool in aiming traffic to her blog. She is now a Pinterest consultant, blogger, writer, and talker. Kim co-hosts a weekly Twitter chat and a Facebook community called “Pin Chat.”

As a “pin-fluencer” Kim has created award winning boards on Pinterest with an incredible 1.6 million followers. She is a teacher at heart and enjoys sharing ways to stir everyday times into teachable possibilities on her popular parenting locate, “The Educator’s Spin on it.” She also has an upcoming journal, “100 Fun and Easy Learning Games for Kids.”

Although the goal of Kim’s committees is to promote parenting and educational resources, what she has learned about business and Pinterest along the way is applicable to many different situations. For those who are new to the concept of Pinterest for business, Kim takes us through a sort of Pinterest 101, where she discusses the basics of setting up and controlling a Pinterest business account. For those who have already mastered the basics, she goes deeper, affording gratuities on things like effective committee and pin descriptions, applying tools and analytics, and how to adapt to recent changes that affect committee arrangements.

Kim have emphasized that many people use Pinterest as a search engine. Knowing how to capitalize on that is a prized skill. The expertise she offers is a lot of tool in pointing anyone in the right direction.