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Takeaways from F8 and Facebook’s next phase

Extra Crunch gives members the opportunity to tune into conference call conducted and moderated by the TechCrunch novelists you read every day. This week, TechCrunch’s Josh Constine and Frederic Lardinois discuss major announcements that came out of Facebook’s F8 conference and dig into how Facebook is trying to redefine itself for the future.

Though touted as a developer-focused conference, Facebook invested much of F8 discussing privacy upgrades, how the company is improving its social impact, and a series of new initiatives on the consumer and enterprise back. Josh and Frederic discuss which announcements seem to stir the most strategic sense, and which may create attractive( or unattractive) opportunities for brand-new startups and investment.

” This F8 was aspirational for Facebook. Instead of being about what Facebook is, and accelerating the growth of it, this F8 was about Facebook, and what Facebook wants to be in the future.

That’s not the newsfeed, that’s not pages, that’s not profiles. That’s marketplace, that’s Watch, that’s Groups. With that change, Facebook is finally going to start to decouple itself from the products that have dragged down its label over the last few years through a series of nonstop scandals .”

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Josh and Frederic dive deeper into Facebook’s schemes around its redesign, Messenger, Dating, Marketplace, WhatsApp, VR, smart residence hardware and more. The two likewise dig into the biggest report, or deficiency thereof, on private developers side, including Facebook’s Ax and BoTorch initiatives.

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