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Death Stranding release date, trailers and news

What is Death Stranding about? Despite being in development for years, most of the chatter around Hideo Kojima& apos; s upcoming PS4 game- the first from his new studio Kojima Productions, after a much-publicized difference from Konami- is still about how hard video games is to define.

We recognized an in-depth showcase at E3 2018, indicating a game that was broadly sci-fi, but featuring elements of trippy fright, melding the techno-future trappings of the Metal Gear series with Kojima& apos; s own mind-bending Silent Hill series. A recent panel discussion at Tribeca Film Festival also renders more suggestions as to the kind of gameplay we can expect.

At this point, though, it& apos; s nearly all exclusively speculation. Sony and Kojima are playing up to the mysterious nature of video games, letting very few details be exposed. As the first play from Kojima Studios, there& apos; s a lot journeying on its success, and the PR campaign to drum up interest is already creating a fever-pitch of anticipation.

While the entire gaming planet tries to piece together the bread crumb route to identify areas what exactly we& apos; re all “re all waiting on”, let this article guide you through everything there is to know about Death Stranding so far.

Cut to the chase What is it? Honestly, who really knows. It’s the debut name from Hideo Kojima’s brand-new studio Kojima Studios.When can I play it? Sometime in the next 2 years. What will it expense? Likely to be around $60/ PS45/ AU $59 What can I play it on? Sony PS4 Death Stranding trailers and screenshots

The Tokyo Game Show 2018 trailer revealed voice-acting ex-serviceman Troy Baker has joined the cast as the mysterious villain The Guy in the Golden Mask.

E3 2018 brought Death Stranding gameplay to our eyes and left our thinkers somewhat disorient.